Thursday, October 29, 2015

Firearms Fly off Europe

For years the socialists and progressives in Europe have dogged the United States about all the guns we have. They have considered themselves more evolved than gun-toting Americans since they themselves get along pretty well without the prevalence of guns. These Americans are just a bunch of 'cowboys' living in the past, refusing to admit that there is another way to resolve differences.

Well those same socialists and progressive are probably wishing they had a 2nd Amendment now so they could easily be gun-toters, too. The refugee influx into Europe has given Europeans, especially women, a desire to protect themselves in any way they can...especially with guns. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Silverman Allegedly Accused of Misconduct..REMEMBER: ALLEGEDLY

Let's face reality folks.  This isn't good news - see below.  But it's also a complaint and not a charge. Honestly if I was in trouble, he's the guy (although we can't stand each other's politics)...Silverman is the lawyer I would want on my side.

Whether it's true or not will remain to be seen.  But he does have one of the sweetest wives of anyone I know.  She's a gem.  Just think about her and their boys. 

From  Sanford Herald Facebook page:

BREAKING – A Sanford attorney faces disciplinary action for sexual misconduct while practicing law, according to a complaint filed Friday.

The complaint, filed with the N.C. State Bar Association, alleges that Jonathan Silverman of the Sanford law firm Doster, Post, Silverman, Foushee, Post, & Patton engaged in a sexual relationship with a firm client during two periods when the firm represented her, in violation of North Carolina State Bar policy.

Read more on their facebook page or website:

Sunday, October 4, 2015

When you give up yours, Lebron...

Yea when these high powered athletes, Obama and Hollywood elitists fire their bodyguards and clean their own house of guns, call me.  Shut up Lebron.  Guns don't kill. People do. Until then, I have a right to defend myself.  So stop trying to disarm the good guys.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's a Hate Crime: Targeting Christians

This is awful.  What has happened to our country when men rise up for terror and start targeting CHRISTIANS?  We are so deep in the cess pool that we will drown if we don't stop this!

Of course, the first thing President Obama does is talk about gun control!  No Mr.'s about Heart Control!


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Help stop NC GOP Slimy tactics -HB373

CALL TODAY!!!  If Gov McCrory signs this...apparently he thinks YOU and I are too stupid to know better! This bill allows party leaders to override the "Will of the people".  

Link to NC General Assembly on HB 373:

From Lee GOP:

"We received this message from Moore Tea Citizens and was asked to pass it on to you.
House Bill 373 was passed by the General Assembly yesterday and sent to Governor McCrory for signing. 
HB 373 circumvents the regular GOP by allowing House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate Leader Phil Berger to set up separate, affiliated party committees to support the election of candidates of the GOP.

Hassan Harnett and Michelle Nix were voted chair and vice-chair at the NC Republican Convention by the delegates at the State Convention. The delegates were elected at the County Conventions.  Many MTC members were delegates to the convention.  We are insulted and infuriated.

We did NOT elect nominees HAND-PICKED by the GOP political bosses.  The GOP political bosses lost control. They are angry. They have devised HB373, Section 3, to funnel money to their hand-picked nominees (RINOS) for federal and state elections.
CALL MCCRORY AND TELL HIM TO VETO HB 373 BECAUSE OF SECTION 3. Call 919-814-2000 to say you are against HB373 or call 919-814-2050 and press 2 to leave a more detailed message.

We thought you might be interested.
Charles Staley, Chairman
Lee County Republican Party "

Eric Cantor: This is why you are gone!

So the true colors of the so-called conservatives on the right are now showing.  I am afraid, boys and girls, that Boehner will do everything he can now to see the R's lose it all.  And his right hand man...wait...ex-right hand man, Eric Cantor, has taken on the gauntlet to help that happen.  Even if it means giving Planned Parenthood more money for baby chop shops.  Screw  the veterans.  Screw America.  That's exactly what this will lead to.

But what goes up must come down. Let's get this over with.  Demand Boehner leave NOW!  Demand McConnell does the same.  And NOW!   Both are Obama's lapdogs.

Want to know what's wrong with America?  Look no further than the right.  We assume it's only the left.  It's not.  Didn't their mamas teach them about what happens when you are a sore loser??

Here is the nasty Op-Ed that Cantor wrote to get his digs in.  It's not Talk Radio lying.  It's the establishment lying to us!!!!