Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guest Columnist: Dean Barber

Editor's Note: This week I am happy to introduce a guest columnist who is as passionate about his country as I am. Please welcome Dean and leave comments or email him at the address below! Thanks! Sheila


I was in Washington D.C. on that sad day when Democrats voted to shove a government health care takeover down the throats of the American people. Polling consistently showed that the people did not want it, and it continues to show that the people want the bill repealed. With that being the case, I began to wonder about the total and complete arrogance required for a congress person to vote in favor of the bill. So, I decided to learn more about my representative in the 2nd district of North Carolina. Since then I have learned some valuable things about him.

First, Bobby Etheridge is a liar. I received from the good congressman, as did most of the people in his district, a very colorful flyer that attempted to highlight the wonderful things about the new health care law/takeover and why Bobby was proud to vote for it. On the back were eight items, many of which have since proven to be untrue about the bill. Among them was the notion that the bill would reduce costs. An enormous amount of information has come out since the fateful day of passage that calls this a lie. Furthermore, details have emerged that prove that members of congress knew the numbers were misleading before they cast their vote. Of the eight items listed on the back of the flyer, 5 have been proven untrue (see the links provided at the end of this post). But, Bobby is proud of his vote. I hope that arrogant pride leads to his dismissal.

Another flyer has since arrived at my house that is intended to prove Bobby’s excellent work. It proves beyond the shadow of any doubt that Bobby is a liar. The man is quoted as saying “Too many people are out of work and the rising cost of living is squeezing middle class families; I am fighting for good jobs that stay in North Carolina, putting Main Street before Wall Street, and reducing the deficit and restoring budget discipline.” Excuse me? Reducing the deficit? Budget discipline? Bobby, you have participated in the largest expansion of the federal government ever seen by any American Citizen. You have participated in an increase in federal spending that is unheard of and that my grandchildren will probably not be able to pay off. And you have the arrogance to state in the flyer that you are reducing the deficit and restoring budget discipline? You must think I am an idiot!

Second, Bobby Etheridge is a thief. On the mailing label of both flyers contains this statement; this mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense. In his effort to restore budget discipline, it is obvious that Bobby is perfectly willing to take my money and spend it for the sole purpose of getting reelected. These flyers are first and foremost campaign materials and we the taxpayer should be willing to pay for them. Shouldn’t we? Also, Bobby states on the flyer that he is here to help. This reminds me of the great Reagan saying, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help”. In Bobby’s case, Reagan was right. Again.

Third, Bobby Etheridge is a coward. He proved it by the way he reacted to two college kids asking him a simple question on the sidewalk in D.C. There are those who claim that he was ambushed. I’ll grant you that. Here is a 14 year congressman walking down the sidewalk. He sees a pile of dog crap on the sidewalk. He has been around long enough to recognize it as a pile of dog crap. It looks like dog crap and smells like dog crap. Bobby might even have decided it tasted like dog crap except there would be no differentiation between what goes into his mouth and what comes out of it. Still the good congressman decides to step in it. Why? I think it is because, somewhere deep inside, he is ashamed of who he has become. He has sold his soul to the devil in order to maintain power.

It is time for Bobby to go. He has been in politics far too long. How many more kids will have to be assaulted before we decide to fire him?

Bobby Etheridge has no honor. After all, contrary to popular belief, there is no honor among thieves. Or liars. Or cowards.



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