Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bobby Etheridge Has Got to Go!

With great anticipation I read the Sanford Herald’s highlight of the two major candidates for North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district. I didn’t pay any attention to the Libertarian candidate. Though I probably agree with him more than I disagree, I believe we need to focus our attention on the candidates that have a chance to win. He does not.

Besides, the Tea Party movement has brought with it a far more individual liberty and constitutional based view of government. The Republican Party, along with America, will be much better off for it.

Also, having personally spoken with Renee Ellmers on more than one occasion, I am convinced that she is exactly the kind of conservative we need right now. I am not a big fan of the commercial that the Herald chose to focus on, the Islamic Mosque at Ground Zero, but it did what the campaign wanted it to do.

It got her name out there.

When you are facing an entrenched bureaucrat with deep, special interest lined pockets, you have to get your name out there. Renee believes, as I do, that Obama Care is one of the worst bills ever passed by any congress or signed by any president. She wants it repealed, then replaced. I will go even farther and state unequivocally that any member of congress who voted in favor of that legislation committed an act of pure evil.

Which brings me directly to Bobby.

Bobby’s first statement in the Herald tells a great deal about the sorry condition of the man. He states that, “Elections ought to about what you’ve done or what you want to do”. He made this statement to deflect attention away from the video showing his physical assault of two kids on the streets of D.C. He had, by the way, just attended a Nancy Pelosi fundraiser. But, I agree with Bobby on his first statement. Even though the video does an awful lot to show his constituents who he really is, let’s delve a little deeper. Let’s find out what Bobby the Bully has done and compare it to what intends to do.

He now claims that, if re-elected, his primary goal will be to balance the budget. This statement is enough to question the man’s sanity. It certainly tells the average voter that he has lost all integrity. For his entire career he has gone to Washington to grow government, all the while telling his conservative leaning constituents that he is fighting for them. This poor excuse for a representative has had multiple opportunities over the last two years to vote for his constituents and against an overbearing, money hungry, liberty killing federal government. On every single occasion he has failed. And I know for an absolute fact that he knew he was voting against us when he cast his lot with Satan and voted for Obama Care. I personally spoke with his aid, in his Washington office on that day. I also published a letter in the Herald, at my own expense, addressed to Bobby the Bully that detailed many of the concerns of his constituents.

He voted for stimulus spending that has created nary a job, except those in government. He has also been a willing participant in a congress that refused to create or vote on a budget. He must really believe we are so stupid we cannot see what he has done.

Bobby the Bully also stated that he “gets up every day thinking about what he can do to create more jobs”. This guy is unbelievable! He actually believes that government creates jobs! It is especially hard to believe given that, once again, he had the chance to cast his vote in support of that statement. One of the last votes in congress was held on the subject of extending the Bush tax cuts. A vote in favor of this would have done a great deal toward improving the economy and especially the outlook of small businesses.

Right now, they are scared to death of what lies ahead. From the impending doom of Obama Care, to the overregulation inherent in the finance reform bill, to the job killing and business killing disaster of the Cap and Trade bill, they see the current government as one that seeks the destruction of our economy, not one that seeks to help it. Bobby, you had the chance to help the economic condition by voting against all of these things, but you didn’t. You voted for them! Just like your vote against the extension of the Bush tax cuts.

It lost by one vote, Bobby. YOUR VOTE! Stop lying to me!

Finally, like the sniveling coward that he is, he complains about conservative advertising (not liberal mind you because they are okay) because it can hide behind walls and you don’t know who they are. Bobby, you have 4 times the money that Renee Ellmers has. You are holding a $2500 a plate barbecue fundraiser in, of all places, Washington, D.C. Do they even make barbecue in D.C.? And, who can afford $2500 dollars for a plate of barbecue? I can guarantee you that very few of your constituents can afford that price. Which of the special interest rich fat cats are going to be attending? Just where are you getting your money? Who is buying your congressional vote? What wall are you hiding behind? Who are you, Bobby? Who are you?

You have forgotten the face of your father, Bobby. You are nothing like the people you pretend to represent.

Bobby Etheridge, it is time for you to go!


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