Friday, October 29, 2010

This is why Bobby needs to go!

The Trillion Dollar Question Bob Etheridge Won’t Answer

In last Saturday’s NBC17 debate between Renee Ellmers and Congressman Etheridge, there was an interesting exchange (video below):

Renee Ellmers: “Congressman, you said that something will have to give, well the people of district two are going to give, and give, and give, in order to keep this massive healthcare bill in place. Am I correct to assume, and I guess this is a question, you believe the government can handle one sixth (1/6) of the economy better than the free enterprise system? That Americans, North Carolinians can’t make those choices and put those things in place better than the government?”

Moderator Kim Genardo: “Rebuttal, or shall we move on?

Congressman Bob Etheridge: “Move on.”

Watch the entire debate here at the NBC-17 website. (

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