Sunday, November 14, 2010

Obamacare's Exemptions

OBAMACARE is coming to town…

For some of us that is. Seems HHS and Mr. Prez decided that 111+ companies can be exempt because it just too much to burden them with raising rates. What? You thought it was only 30? Me too. This is info you are not hearing about in the mainstream defunct, lying, liberal media. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

You, the ordinary citizen who just works every day, pays your bills, along with the “voluntary” taxes your government imposes will suffer because, OMG, somebody has to pay for the “free healthcare” for over 30 million suffering individuals. Right? It was free until it was passed. Now our President is claiming he never said that!

Now don’t blame these companies. I would do the same thing. Beg for a break for the next year! Noooo. The fine line says, these exemptions are renewable. Then I ask, what’s so good about the healthcare reform that was thrown down our throats on March 23, 2010 (the 2nd day that will live in infamy)?

Some found on the list, “Approved Applications for Waiver of the Annual Limits Requirements of the PHS Act Section 2711 as of November 1, 2010”,, are surprising. They may be your favorite restaurant. Some are not because they are unions. Yea, the unions who helped write the atrocious bill for the rest of us to follow.

Don't tune out now...Keep reading...

Familiar names on the list are:
 1) Darden Restaurants which includes Olive Garden,
Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze, Longhorn
2) McDonalds
3) Cracker Barrel
4) O’Reilly Auto Parts
5) Dish Network
6) Ruby Tuesday
8) Assurant Health
9) Pocono Medical Center
10) Aetna
11) Alliance One Tobacco -huh?
12) UFCW Maximus Local 455 – and many more unions!!

Please, don’t take my word for it. Check the list!

I thought the Democrats said that “we” would want it. I guess when Pelosi said we had to pass it to see what’s in it, she knew that if we saw what was in it BEFORE it was passed, it wouldn’t have passed! Do you realize how stupid the Congressmen and women who went along with this ultimate ponzi scheme look now? Oops, I forgot. Many of them that did are not Congressmen and women anymore.

You know the next time I want to buy a car I think I’ll go into the dealership and tell them to let me sign the contract and take my car home. Then after I sign the dotted line, and get the keys and leave, they can look at my credit to see if I am worthy. Just how far do you think I’ll get with that General Manager? Ummm not even out of the parking lot!

I am so sick of the left acting as if I am too stupid to go to the bathroom without being told. Ugh.

Well, I want to end a sweet note. I rewrote a favorite Christmas jingle last year and published it on the other blog I use to be a part of. I think it is still fitting and still relevant. Do note it’s the “only jingle” we all will hear when the lame duck 111th Congress gets finished.

Smile Santa, no I mean "ObamaCare is coming to town…"

Oh, you better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
or shout to them “Why?”
ObamaCare is coming to town.
Obama’s making a list and checking it twice
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice,
ObamaCare is coming to town.

Etheridge and Pelosi do not care
They are gonna throw this down our throats
And pray that grandma will be dead
ObamaCare is coming to town.

They’ll see you when you’re sleeping,
and know if you’re awake,
They’ll know if you eat that Twinkie
and weigh more than 108.

 Oh, you better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout, or shout to them “Just tell me why?”
ObamaCare is coming to town.
They think they can own you,
from cradle to grave,
Send them your money so America will be saved,
ObamaCare is coming to town
Whether you like or not,
ObamaCare is coming to town.

Cheers!  Have a great week!



Anonymous said...

Maryland physician Andy Harris (R) just soundly defeated Frank Kratovil, one of the most endangered Democrats on Capitol Hill going into the November election. And he did it in large part by railing against 'Obamacare' and pledging to repeal Health Care Reform. But when he showed on Capitol Hill today for an orientation for incoming members of Congress and their staffs, he had a different question: Where's my government health care?

According to Glenn Thrush of Politico, Harris created a stir at the orientation meeting by demanding to know why he had to wait a month after he was sworn in in January for his government-subsidized health care to kick in. After responding in a huff, he even asked if there was some way he could buy into the government care in advance, seemingly thinking there might be a government program similar to the so-called 'public option' championed by progressive Democrats in 2009.

According to an unnamed congressional staffer quoted by Thrush, Harris stood up at the meeting "and asked the two ladies who were answering questions why it had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care."

During the campaign, Harris told voters, "the answer to the ever-rising cost of insurance is not the expansion of government-run or government-mandated insurance but, instead, common-sense market based solutions that ensure decisions are made by patients and their doctors."

Here's Harris from the heat of the health care debate back in 2009 railing against making health care into a "new government entitlement."

anyone see the irony in this?

Sheila Barber said...

I heard that last night on Foxnews and just had to laugh.

Frankly, he's an idiot for asking but it does show the ludacricy of "if it's free give it to me."

Hmmm...You have to wonder why he has to wait. Is it an indication that "pre-existing" conditions really won't be covered by the system, as we're told to believe? That's the reason most insurance companies make people wait for the policies to kick in.

Good points!! Thanks for posting.

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