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Guest Columnist: Kirk D. Smith

Editor's new note (12/31/2010):
  Reprinting column from Kirk Smith. 
Happy New Year everyone! 

Editor's Note: Like Rush eludes to, today the editors are taking a risk in handing over the reigns to a Guest columnist.  But it's a risk worth taking.  We have followed this distinguished citizen of Lee County in the papers and enjoy his letters to the editor. It is evident that he cares deeply for this country and his (lookout liberals) - Creator given rights! Please join us in welcoming Kirk!  In his next column (ha - he's not even aware of that), we will ask him to tell you  more of his journey in the military and politics.  As always, your comments, for or against our views, are welcomed.
So without further adieu...

 "In Search of Liberty!"

During the siege of Boston, General George Washington’s issued the following General Orders, July 4, 1775:

“The General most earnestly requires, and expects, a due observance of those article of war, established for the Government of the army, which forbid profane cursing, swearing and drunkenness; And in like manner requires and expects, of all Officers, and Soldiers, not engaged on actual duty, a punctual attendance on divine Service, to implore the blessings of heaven upon the means used for our safety and defence.”

Just a year later, General Washington’s General Orders, issued July 9, 1776:

“The blessing and protection of Heaven are at all times necessary but especially so in times of public distress and danger - - The General hopes and trusts, that every officer and man, will endeavour so to live, and act, as becomes a Christian Soldier defending the dearest Rights and Liberties of his country.”

I open with these General Orders from our history to illustrate that this young nation was solely dependent upon its fighting force, the Continental Army, and that the greatest leader of our country General George Washington understood the fundamental underpinning of this country was secured to the virtues and morality of the Christian faith. All of the founders understood the Christian faith as a bulwark against the moral corruptibility of man and devised a system of government to prevent the abuses of power that unfortunately stems from such corruption or in another word, sin.

James Madison wrote in 1778,
“We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government; upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

Madison wrote on June 20, 1785 “Religion [is] the basis and Foundation of Government.”
Is it any wonder that Madison introduced the Bill of Rights into Congress with the very first Freedom or Liberty written was religious freedom? Ask any typical student schooled in our public educational collectives today to list the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment.

During my assignment as the Senior Military Instructor at the University of Rhode Island I endeavored to pursue a graduate degree in History. One of the required graduate seminars was titled, “Gender and Warfare in the 20th Century.” As a combat veteran and senior non-commissioned officer, I earnestly looked forward to taking this class.

Unfortunately upon purchasing the required texts, I found that this course was all about gays in the military during the 20th century. It revealed the not so well known but, disreputable history of the younger Franklin D. Roosevelt who as Assistant Navy Secretary was involved in a homosexual scandal involving the U.S. Navy. The course offered a profound analysis of the gay officers within the British Army, and the influence of the macho gay male culture both within Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union prior to World War II. Then of course the lesson followed with a history of the rise of gays in the U.S. military during and after World War II.  (Keep reading..)

One myth that the course destroyed, Nazi Germany persecuted and exterminated gays. When in fact the Nazi hierarchy within the, SA, SS, and Hitler Youth saw those organizations completely dominated by the virtuous macho gay male. It was the effeminate gay male who was often sent to the death camps.

As history shows us, one can surmise that within all modern totalitarian regimes the Christian religion is purged from their cultures. We saw the Russian communist revolution and the Nazi rise to power destroy all vestiges of religious influence within their respective countries. The resulting denial of moral absolutes gave rise to some of the most heinous regimes on the face of the earth!

Today, our country is about to dismantle the last vestige of morality by forcing the military to absolve the time honored tradition of defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, by adopting a policy that is antithetical to the values and traditions of an organization bound by good order and discipline. That is the forced open acceptance of gays in the military.

The homosexual lifestyle is fraught with numerous pathologies that are disproportionately higher than the general population and disrupt good order and discipline. Homosexuals as a population group suffer from a higher incident of psychological disorders, a disproportionate number of suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol abuse, physical violence and abuse amongst their numerous sexual partners. Gay males have a higher incidence of blood borne diseases of which AIDS and Hepatitis are both debilitating and deadly. Yes, because the American fighting force is a walking blood bank, this becomes a real threat to soldiers in combat who need blood transfusions from their peers on the battle field!

For those of you who equate opening the military to gays as the same as desegregating the military, please know one thing, skin color and nationality are not the same as “behavior.” Homosexuality is a “behavior” and a behavior that is destructive to good order and discipline. Good order and discipline is tantamount to a military culture that is responsible for the safety of not only its own soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, but also the very country and citizens that military defends. You destroy good order and discipline then you will be able to witness the lowest forms of depravity.

Regardless of the tens of billions of dollars dedicated to the treatment and prevention of AIDS, a recent Center for Disease Control report indicates that the male homosexual population infection rate continues unabated due to the demented desire of “bug chasers” (those gay males desiring the AIDS virus through unprotected sex) and the desired anonymous sexual encounters evolving from the “tea room” culture. All of which highlight the self-destructive nature of homosexuality, that nature apparently our politically correct culture continues to ignore. How would this population group add to the effectiveness of the military’s requirement of good order and discipline?

Let us highlight some recent events since the ill conceived “don’t ask don’t tell” rule came into effect during the Clinton Administration. A few years ago, seven paratroopers station here at Fort Bragg were involved in a gay porn scandal. Then there is the recent homosexual soldier Bradley Manning who allegedly had a falling out with a gay lover and is responsible for compromising tens of hundreds of thousands of secret documents, during a time of war, to Wikileaks thus endangering both soldiers and civilians. This psychotic irresponsible erratic behavior is indicative of the homosexual condition. How many more Bradley Manning types can our country endure?

A review of the recent record of sodomy cases within the military show that 7% involved male on male rapes and for those that don’t know a major homosexual journal conducted a poll revealing the number one fantasy of a homosexual male was to rape a straight male! Gay males make up less than three percent of the total population. How are these individuals along with their depraved behaviors contributing to good order and discipline?

Today’s gay movement uses the time tested Nazi-like tactics to intimidate into submission anyone who does not embrace their perverse lifestyle. Also we see the communist founded American Civil Liberties Union doing everything within their power through our courts to destroy the influences of our Judeo-Christian heritage at every level of our society. The ACLU has effectively chased every vestige of moral resistance to human secularism into the closet! Must I remind you that history clearly retells the horrors on this earth brought to you by Nazism and Communism?

If we continue to deny moral absolutes and we embrace moral relativism, we will be a witness to the moral depravity that one will find most repulsive. The demented fanaticism of the homosexual lifestyle and agenda will thrust our military into the abyss of depravity. Our military will no longer have a moral foundation in which to establish a sound footing in the most violent environment as close to hell on earth as one can ever experience.

President Obama truly wishes to destroy the American military by imposing this bizarre social engineering that is so prevalent amongst the historical Marxist and Nazi regimes. Once our military evolves into this social experiment, we will see an exodus of military chaplains and soldiers whose religious liberty and moral conscience will be inexcusably violated. We must remember that our moral foundation is blessed by Heaven.

“With the hope and confidence, and that this Army will have its equal share of Honour, and Success; the General most earnestly exhorts every officer, and soldier, to pay the utmost attention to his Arms, and Health; to have the former in the best order for Action, and by Cleanliness and Care, to preserve the latter; to be exact in their discipline, obedient to their Superiors and vigilant on duty: With such preparation, and suitable Spirit there can be no doubt, but by the blessing of Heaven, we shall repel our cruel Invaders; preserve our Country, and gain the greatest Honor.” George Washington’s General Orders, July 21, 1776.

As always, I shall remain, in search of our GOD given Liberties!
Kirk D. Smith


Anonymous said...

Brevity, enemy of the misguided and ill informed. I served with many like you, they all said the same thing about people of color, women, and now gays. Sad that time has indeed passed so many by........

Sheila Barber said...

Dear Anonymous,

If you are so passionate about these subjects we write about, why hide your name? Just curious.

Apparently you do not see the inherent danger of gays openly serving in the military. First, it's not right in God's eyes, (1 Timothy 1:10). Sorry, don't even try to argue with me on that.

Second, it puts those in the platoon in danger. Serious danger. If one is openly known to practice homosexuality, trust is broken among most. As someone who has NEVER served, (I'll say it politely before your rant happens), and as one who has deep convictions and respect for what God says and commands, I know I couldn't trust "under the assumption" the person next to me in the bunker might not have my back, if you know what I mean. That should go both ways. How in the world would the gay individual be able to trust their back is covered if they come out? There's just as much danger for him/her as a straight individual.

Call me prejudice, racist, whatever you choose. It won't change one thing about how I feel nor my convictions.

I'm not saying they don't have a right to serve in our military and get the benefits, etc. I'm just saying some things are left better UNKNOWN.

Sometimes what is good for goose isn't good for the gander. This is a perfect example.


Anonymous said...

1) I don't care what your bible says. For someone who talks so often about the Constitution, Sheila, you're awfully willing to move the goalposts and declare the bible your guide when it's time to deny one group of people the personal freedoms you declare so sacrosanct. Bible or Constitution - which is it?

2) Why wouldn't homosexuals have their fellow soldiers' backs? Because they're gay and you think they hate people who aren't? Why wouldn't heterosexuals have their fellow soldiers' backs? Because you're sure they hate homosexuals? You make a whole lot of assumptions about Americans and members of our military, gay or straight. You most definitely are suffering from some ridiculous misconceptions about people in general, but hey, pointing that out isn't going to change your mind (you said so yourself!) - regardless of how often you bloviate about personal freedoms but fail to back it up when it comes to people who aren't you. I'm probably just commenting here to let people know that not everybody in this town is this crazy.

Kirk D. Smith said...

Thank you Anonymous for exposing the fallacious comparison of race and gender with a behavior. Homosexuality is a behavior, not something genetic. Perhaps you can answer the following question.

How does one explain the predominance within our public educational collectives the teaching of Darwin’s Theory “survival of the fittest” and how that teaching conflicts with the illusive “homo-sexual” gene, when gays cannot naturally procreate?

Of course as we march to embrace all of diversity’s perversities one only has to read beyond the purveyors of progressive propaganda, otherwise known as our national information bureaus (“out of” the mainstream media). Please feel free to read this article regarding an institution of higher indoctrination’s assault on young lady’s First Amendment right:

There is nothing like re-education camps to set one’s mind straight, excuse me, gay?

Also, Anonymous, you are free to refute any point I have made . . . Please!

Sheila, thank you for the December 7, 1941 Timeline. Unfortunately, we have already forgotten September 11, 2001 and the Islamo-fascists we are fighting today!

Red-Baron13 said...

Some simple questions for both you Mr. Smith and you Mrs. Barber. Should the USA limit it's support of Israel and it's military because they allow homosexuals to openly serve? Should the USA pull out of NATO because are troops might have to serve with openly gay allies?

-Randall Lee Yow

BuckOfama said...

Since when is the US military's main goal to provide Equal Employment opportunity?

The military exists to protect us (I'm pretty sure that's what the Founders had in mind). I can make a plausible case that excluding gays implicitly or explicitly since 1787 has worked very well. From a military point of view, there is no need to have openly gay people in the military to get it's job done.

On the other hand, I can make a plausible case that it would effect morale and discipline in the military to have openly gay people living together with NORMAL (that's right! What's been called normal since the Republic was founded) people.

Should we have Muslims who are openly hostile to Infidels in US Military? Do the Israeli's allow that? I mean after all they are apparently the sine qua non as to what is acceptable in militarys all over the world.

The Roman Legions became weak by simply not wearing their armor ALL the time during the latter part of the Western Empire (ca, 300-400 AD). I want to put forth the idea that it is plausible that gays, on the make in the barracks (In 10-20 years they will be openly on the make) will cause more harm to US armed forces than not wearing armor caused the Roman Legions.

Sheila Barber said...

To Anonymous! I care what the Bible says. I believe the Bible is as real and true today, as much as 2000 or so years ago!

And since you're so knowledgeable about the Bible, I believe you'll agree that 1 Timothy 1:8 pretty much sums it up that immoral behavior will not be tolerated in heaven. And shouldn’t be tolerated here on earth. God ordained Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. He blessed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and have a family the “natural” way.

So don't get sanctimonious with me. My commandment is to love others as I love myself. And even more. The commandment is NOT to tolerate and encourage immoral behavior.
FYI - you choose that path. It isn't a gene defect. Just like stealing and murdering are not defects. It's a choice. Right or wrong.

If you don't believe me, why not open the book and read it. Nowhere, absolutely no where in the Bible will you see God instructing us to condone homosexuality. Nowhere.

And to your other point, specifically, where did I say I wouldn't do as the Bible says, which is to show love and practice it with all my might to those who have chosen whatever path in life?

I believe all AMERICANS (please note I said Americans, not Europeans, not Iranians, not fascists, not radical muslims, but AMERICANS) have the same Constitutional rights as me. Especially those Creator given ones called: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Ohh, does that make your blood boil now, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous?

They have a right to “freedom of speech, freedom of worship, to bear arms against a tyrannical government (which is the original intent of Amendment 2), right to a fair trial by their peers, right to petition their government, etc, etc, etc.” They don’t have right to force me to live their lifestyle choices nor to agree with them. I don’t agree with homosexuality and I never will. Why? Because I follow what the Bible says. It’s wrong. And it’s a choice that can be reversed.

Although I have never served, which you have pointed out quite often, I know enough people in the military to know it’s about trust. Is that guy or girl behind me watching my back, or my butt?

Simple question! And no one can really answer that until crunch time. It might be too late then.

Again, know your facts before spewing out to me what I am or am not. Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Sheila - I never claimed to be an expert on the bible. In fact, I kind of pointed out that it was your bible and not that of anyone else who chooses to believe something else, or nothing. I'm not sure what you got out of my post, but by all means, keep making stuff up.

Also, only Americans (I'll only sorta mention that fascists and radical Muslims can be Americans as well ... do you even know what political and religious persecution is? Or even what makes one an American?) are entitled to "creator" given rights? Christianity, and nearly every other religion on the planet, cult-status or no, existed prior to America. You're saying your god gives preference based on man-made borders? Hilarious.

And you might want to look up what sanctimonious means. It helps to know what words mean when you use them. Additionally, I've never pointed out whether or not you've served in the military because I don't know you, but your point about having your butt watched rather than your back would seem to invalidate women serving at all. We shouldn't have any female police either, right?

Just to clear up, I'm the anonymous who made the second comment, but not the first (although I agree with it). That said, I don't think Kirk made any points worth refuting. Basically it seems like "I took a class that told me gays were bad! I refuse to acknowledge anything else taught in a publicly funded school, but this is an exception!" I fail to understand how two guys or two girls having sex behind closed doors hurts anyone, most of all Kirk and Sheila. But I'm guessing y'all are products of the Cold War era, when we had to have someone to fear. Only now it's the gays at home who somehow threaten your liberty by kissing dudes in public. Gay people probably want as much to do with you as y'all want to do with them. Get over yourselves.

Joh said...

Y'all don't know nothing about marawana drugs. But gay illegals in the military are got to be stoped.

Sheila Barber said...

Dear Second Anonymous:

Identify yourself if you don't want to be confused with the other one. You can SIGN your name. That is, unless you're embarassed by what you say.

But alas, we welcome cowards anyway. And that's what I call those who don't have "balls" to stand up and defend themselves - OPENLY.

Oh by the way, I did look up the definition.

Have a great day.


joh said...

Hi i'm joh and i think its hippocritical that you want secind anonamys comenter to say his name when you want it be illegal that gays cant say they gay in the army

Sheila Barber said...

Who said anything about being illegal? It's stupid! Why take the risk? But then again I am referring more to those on the left who could care less about the sanctity of life. They will defend gays to their death and gladly give funds for the killing of unborn children and promote it at that!

At least gays in the military will be honest if they come forward. All I'm saying is why hide behind an "anonymous" posting? Say who you are, mean what you say, and say what you mean.

Duh, is that too hard to understand? Remember: actions produce consequences.


joh said...

"actons produce conseqences" you say. but i agree gays are not in the army!!. so i think you are corect.

Anonymous said...

You hide behind a pseudonym at your other blog. Is that cowardly too?

Sheila Barber said...

When you can tell me which blog and who to contact so I CAN be an author, I guess you will be correct then. But until then, you're wrong.

This is my one and only blog, dear Anonymous 2.


Jay Calendine said...

And now, nearly 2 years later, the military is doing just fine after having allowed gay service members to serve with integrity, rather than lie - to the military, to their battle buddies, to their communitie - about who they are. When you ask Soldiers about this (and I'm not talking about anecdotal evidence, Kirk - I'm talking about the data produced by polling Soldiers who answered anonymously), they supported the repeal of DADT then, and it's a non-issue today.

When bigots paint gay rights as less than human rights because there is an element of behavior involved, they ignore (perhaps purposefully) the obvious fact that gays don't choose their gender any more than heterosexual people choose theirs. When, Kirk, did you choose to be attracted to women? That gays are gay and do not merely choose to act a certain way is a distinction that your side misses. I suppose you can be forgiven. For many decades in America, hundred of years, blacks were not viewed as inferior because of a mere skin tone, but because of a supposed mental infirmity which was thought to characterize the supposed race (biologically and anthropologically speaking, there is no basis for claiming there are human races, plural). When you talk about disease factors and psychological problems in the LGBT community (statements for which you cite no reference), you seem to me to echo the writings of Thomas Jefferson. Not the writings for which we are so proud of Jefferson (and Jefferson is, in many ways, a personal hero of mine - his version of the Bible is perhaps the best of them all), but those in which he declares that the Negro can probably never learn science.

Well, my favorite astrophysicist is an African American, and Jefferson was a rascist. You are a bigot. Just be what you are, Kirk, and don't try to hide your bigotry in arguments about morale and good discipline. All due respect to your rank, I would put my experiences in combat against yours any day. During those times when the fighting was at its worst, I cared not whether the men to my left and my right were straight, gay, Christian, atheist, Democrat, Republican. I loved them and would have died for them, and they for me. I don't know if you know what that is like. They say there are no atheists in foxholes, and I say that the spirit of the times has brought us to a place where that statement is no longer true. But, maybe these days there are no bigots in foxholes. The repeal of DADT went a long way toward ensuring there are fewer bigots in garrison, either. The Army gets that. Unless you have changed your opinions from when you wrote this piece, I would gather that you still do not.

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