Thursday, April 28, 2011

Columns Resume this Weekend!

Columns will resume this weekend with Guest writer, Kirk Smith. 
You can bet he's on the forefront of issues and isn't afraid to speak up!

School is almost over.  And I pray I pass Advanced Stats.  If I do, I will have my Bachelor's Degree by noon Monday!  For tonight, this class is keeping me up all night  so I can finish homework before an 8:45 am arrival time at the NC Specialty Hospital in Durham for knee surgery.

Actually, the cup of  freshly ground and brewed coffee from Southern Season is the culprit.

But hey, I'll be sleeping tomorrow whether I like it or not!

Stay tuned and come back Monday for a good cup of fresh brew.

Please keep me in your prayers.


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Kirk Smith said...

Dear Sheila, You are in our prayers!

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