Monday, June 13, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Government Injustice! Mark Otto Fired!


What happens when a liberal government official gets very, excuse me "Pissed off"? 

What happens when an American citizen exercises the First Amendment and chastises a government employee?

Remember this in a posting from last week?


Thank you for providing me additional insight into the beliefs of Sysco and your attitude toward our teachers in our public schools. I will be delighted to share this with the other superintendents across this state and nation so as we select companies and vendors to work with our schools we have a greater awareness of their belief structure on our primary challenge of teaching tomorrow leaders. It is easy to cast doubt when you do not know the story.

Jeffrey C. Moss, Ed.D.
Lee County Schools

This email is for the sole use of the individual for whom it is intended. If you are neither the intended recipient, nor agent responsible for delivering this e-mail to the intended recipient, any disclosure, retransmission, copying, or taking action in reliance on this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the person transmitting the information immediately. All email correspondence to and from this email address may be subject to NC Public Records Law which may result in monitoring and disclosure to third parties, including law enforcement.


E-mail correspondence to and from this sender may be subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.

>>> "Otto, Mark 163" 6/7/2011 3:07 PM >>>

What in the world were you thinking making that comment, “If you're not interested in receiving letters from people in your district, don't run for public office.”? Are you serious, sir? The school forced the man’s own daughter to write a letter, knowing full well the little girl has no idea whatsoever what she is writing about. That’s just wrong. Evil Nazi/Soviet-style indoctrination. You should be ashamed.

Mark Otto
Credit Analyst

Apparently you get fired!

Mr. Otto was fired today!  He was fired taking up and asking if our Superintendent was clearly out of his mind for using kids as pawns!  If you need a reminder, look to the right for the video of Mr. Stone responding to getting a "daddy don't do it" letter.

This is far more than I ever believed the liberals would do.  I have no doubt that democrats in Lee County helped caused this.  Yes, I blame the democrats and moderates in their corner.  I say that because the first response on facebook is "why didn't the guy get fired for using company mail"!  Lord knows,  I hope they sleep well tonight. 

Anyway,   We want to help.  This is a miscarriage of justice!

Please I beg my friends, let's get on the phone tomorrow morning and restore justice!

First call:
NC State Auditor's Office

Beth Wood

 Call toll-free: 1-800-730-8477
or fill out the form on the website

We cannot let Mr. Otto be without a job because our liberal friends cannot stand the truth.
The email clearly shows that Mr. Moss threatened a private business and an individual has consequently lost his job because of it.  Again, I reiterate my feelings, I believe the liberals in this county caused the chain reaction.

Frankly, this is government extortion.  And my crackpot mind believes that is illegal. 

To Mark:

We will do what we can to restore your honor.  Hopefully, there is someone out there who would be delighted to have a strong conservative, dad of 3, respectful individual to work for them.  If you are reading this and can accommodate, contact this editor and we will relay the message.

To the company Sysco:

You are as much as victim as you made your ex-employee.  Government should never ever tell you to play the game or else.  We are suppose to have fair bidding and fair representation.  We hope Sysco that you will retract and give Mark his job back.  We understand rules are rules.  But so is honor!  And doing the right thing. 

As for Mr. Moss:

I for one have never been as far as saying "You should be fired."  But Mr. Moss, "You should be fired!"  You are a government official who is suppose to be looking out for our future leaders.  You are suppose to be a leader.  Leaders do not threaten those that disagree with them.  They instead show character, honor and respect for opposing opinions.

You do not represent our children well at all.

You Mr. Moss - Should be the one fired! 

Friends, Make a stand against intrusive government.   Remember this isn't an isolated incident.  Meg Phipps tried it and so did Jim Black. 

Get on the phone and call WRDU & WPTF.  Call the BOE and demand retribution!  You have that right as a taxpayer.  Call the Commissioners.  This cannot and should not ever happen again in America.

Numbers to call:

Contact me at :   Sheila Barber

Lee County BOE

Jeffrey C. Moss:
WORK PHONE: 919-774-6226 ex 1217
CELL PHONE: 919-770-4623

Shawn Williams, BOE Chairman
PHONE: (919)777-2798

Bill Tatum

Lynn Smith

Cameron Sharpe
(919) 498-2250

Linda Smith

John Bonardi—Vice Chairman
(919) 776-2789

Mark Akinosho
(919) 775-8133

Lee County Commissioners

Linda A. Shook, Chair

Home: 919-775-5557
Fax: 919-774-1120

Jim Womack
Home: 919.776.2255

Richard B. Hayes

Home: 919-774-7658

Ed Paschal

Home: 919-776-3257
Fax: 919-776-0126

Robert T. Reives
Fax: 919-777-6567

Larry C. "Doc" Oldham Vice Chair
Home: 919-776-6615

Exercise your First Amendments rights and demand restoration to Mark.  Demand that government do what it was intended to do:  Protect and defend. 
Not defame and destroy!
Sheila Barber

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Right on Sheila! Spreading the news of the good fight!

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