Sunday, June 26, 2011

Suddenly! The "Redistribution of Poverty" Truth

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”  
Thomas Jefferson

Some like to take our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and say they represent the "idea of redistribution of wealth". They like to say the Constitution is a living, breathing document. And they are wrong.

Together they promote equal justice under the law, equal rights to freedom of speech, voting, etc, but also somewhat limited government (they can still stick it to us by taxation) , individualism, and our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Did you get that last one? We all have unalienable rights to the pursuit of happiness. Some of us just choose to sit on our butts and let others do the work. If that's you, what a shame.

These documents protect our basic rights as Americans. And there is a reason why it is extremely difficult to change them. Again, that was a brilliant move by the Founding Fathers.

The Constitution promotes the welfare of our nation. It does not say provide the welfare. Pundits say everyone is to be provided safe shelter, food, and an education. Wrong again. We are to be free to pursue safe shelter, food and an education. And free to help our neighbors in need. The Constitution does not direct government to do such charitable things. Our love for country, God and our neighbors will propel us to do this on our own.

Our Founding Fathers knew there would always be class envy and hatred for the hard workers of America. They also knew you can't legislate morality. Every individual in this country is born equal. They come out the same way - naked. Yes some are born into a more prosperous situation. Their parents decided a long time ago to not be lazy, to not throw their money on everything under the sun, to save, to work hard and to have money available for a rainy day. Not every individual in this country however cares to work hard, save, and push for the best.

When liberals get on the radio, TV, or write in the papers that the wealthy are not paying their share, I have a tendency to blame that on the public school education. Some of you will hate me for saying that. I don't care. Somewhere along the road, our children were not taught the math skills they need. Do your own math the next time they say that.
Don't stop reading now!  More to come...

Sadly, there simply must not be enough time in the day to teach the basics when instead of focusing mainly on teaching writing, reading and arithmetic, our teachers are over tasked in the classroom where some kids can’t speak English, some kids are not mature enough to be in the grade they are in, and frankly some just shouldn't be there. Those kids should be where their personal needs are met. But all in the name of diversity and fairness, we hold some kids back for the sake of others because we don't want to offend. And we wonder why drop out rates are high and EOG tests scores are low.  Had to throw my 2 cents in on that. After all, it is my blog.

Some liberals will claim 2 + 2 = 5. They will claim that someone making $200,000 and paying 10% taxes ($20,000) isn't paying more than someone making $20,000 a year and paying 10% in taxes ($2000). Can someone explain why paying $20,000 is not more than $2,000? No you can't. Because numbers don't lie. Just people.

The wealthier in our country are paying more than their "fair" share. The top 10% of wage earners (notice I did not say "couch potatoes") pay 68% of the taxes in this country. 68% and some say that's not enough! By the way, who is it that determines what a fair share is? It must be the Democrats because you sure don’t hear the right complaining. We know that to make America work it must remain a capitalist society, where opportunity abounds for all. And never turn into a socialist society, where forced poverty abounds for all.

So let's look at this another way. What if the rich say "I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being called greedy. I'm sick of all it. I quit. Closing up shop. Employees - go home."

Suddenly, they are not earning any money. Suddenly what taxes they were paying comes to a halt. Suddenly, the jobs he/she created are no more. Suddenly, the goods and services they provided for others to buy and pay taxes on stops. Suddenly, sales of yachts, boats, and cars whether BMWs or Honda Accords and luxuries that the wealthy want to buy come to a halt. Suddenly, the Ruby Tuesday's, Cracker Barrels, and even Chick-Fil-A restaurants sales decrease. Suddenly, all the employees in the above mentioned scenarios are prone to layoffs and decrease in shifts. Suddenly, the unemployment line becomes longer. Suddenly, the food stamp lines become longer. And suddenly, tax revenues drop sharply.

For those of you who don't understand that, it means less money is generated to pay for school board trips to San Francisco; less money to pay Lee Co High School renovations and school administrators high salaries and high bonuses; less money or none for the Temple Theatre; less money or none for Boys and Girls, Haven, Endor Iron Greenway; less money for Department of Social Services, WIC, etc.; less money for teachers, school supplies; less money for school lunches and janitorial services; less money for golf carts at the "city owned" golf course; less money for laptop purchases and chalk (lee co joke); less money for parents to pay mortgages, rent, gas and put food on the table or buy shoes for kids. And less money to help defend our country against terrorists.

Good grief - the most devastating effect of all (not in my mind but a liberal’s) - less money for government jobs! Yes, dear people, without your money government doesn't exist. So when I hear bureaucrats crying that middle school sports will be cut or that teachers will be fired while they fatten up the pockets of the administrators, I wonder what would these complainers do if the rich, and not just the rich, but all of us wage earners and hard working citizens, just said enough is enough. We're not paying for you to take from us anymore.

I tell you what they would do. They would stop complaining and find a solution that spends the funds they have wisely. So I ask, why can't they do it now? Because it's more popular to cry and say the "rich are not paying their fair share."

Jobs have never been created from the poor up. The poor can't invest. The rich can. So the next time you think about trashing your boss or CEO of your company (in the private sector) or your neighbor who has a nice car and eats steak on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday while you eat peas and potatoes and have chicken, well, think again.

Because when you hear and cheer the phrase, and common theme from the left, "redistribution of wealth", what they really are saying is let's just "redistribute the poverty and misery". Ask yourself, do you want that? Do you want America to turn into a country where opportunity never exists? If you take the individual and bring him down, the drive and determination to be better simply goes away. You take away hope.

So this year when you celebrate the Fourth of July with friends and family, be thankful for our country. Be thankful for the opportunity our country stands for and provides. And be thankful the centuries old documents most of us hold so dear, the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, still hold truths and value today.

Have a great holiday.



Nancy said...

You explained it well.

Randall Lee Yow said...

From 1950 until 1963 the top US Federal tax bracket was over $400,000 dollars. Now Mrs Barber I want you to sit down before I tell you this next part. The top tax rate was 91%. That is correct 91 cents on every dollar went into taxes if you were in the top tax bracket. Weren't we doing better as a country during the 50's than we are now?

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila Barber said...

Yep. Then the 60's came along with the hippies, we hate war and the men who served in it, love solves all problems, Nixon (yea, I know he was a repub), civil unrest, JFK's women, Hillary at Yale, Jimmy Carter, woodstock and democratic control for 40 years.

91%? Wow. We also didn't have the "I am owed everything" mentality in the 50's that came with the 60's.

But then again...the world got blessed with me and you.


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