Thursday, June 9, 2011

Video Rebuttal by Lee County BOE of "The Scarlet Stone-Letter"

This conservative "crack pot" went to the emergency press conference this afternoon.  Here is the video I shot.
I report... You decide...Is this a "Mike Stone you don't have a clue" rebuttal?  Sure sounds like it.  But again I'm just a "crack pot"! According to our local paper yesterday, all of us who are very vocal on the school budget issue are.


James Madison said...

BOE Chairman Williams is a buffoon. He contradicted himself at least twice on this video and lied at least three times. His English is so poor he is inarticulate in responding to questions. Is it any wonder our school system is sub-par?!?

The part that entertained me the most was Williams' claim the kids were told to write the letters and asked how they think the letters should be sent out; but that there was never any intent to send them.

Sheila Barber said...

I thought I heard contradictions as well!

Hmmm only one 3rd grade class and that just happened to be the one Mike's daughter is in. How stupid do we look?

According to other sources another contradiction is no other representative has received letters. Just Stone.

So it would be nice and frankly credible for the BOE if we could get names of the other ones. And if we could get the "other" participating schools.

To be honest, prove us wrong - without name calling and with FACTS.


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