Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Happy Being Me...

Wow. I just watched a "Frasier" episode while working out on the treadmill. It has to be one of the best I've seen. Yea, I am a "Frasier" fan and hubby can tell you I watch them over and over whenever I can. But this episode really hit me. Roz went off on a caller about life. About living in the moment. About being happy. It just hit me.

I'm getting old. Maybe not as old as some of you. And I mean no harm when I say this. But in a few months I'll be 49. And I am a grandma. No, I’m a MeMaw. And a recent graduate. And a full time employee that works for a very good company. And I am an American. And I'm happy with that.

I can get in my car when I want to. I can ride downtown Sanford without fear of being shot at or carjacked. That's partly because I use common sense and don't do it after midnight! Common sense comes with age and experience, I might add. I can worship where I want and not have to follow "traditions" like others in foreign countries or fear being beheaded because of it.

I can lay my head down at night and feel safe. I don't fear Scud Missiles and I don't have a gas mask beside my bed. I know those soldiers here and abroad are hard at work keeping me safe. I know God is too.

Last night we watched Anthony Bourdain visit the Kurdish territory in Iraq (military friends let me know if I said that right). One thing I hope he gained from it, is how happy the Kurds are that they are free. They said it. They said they were thankful for the United States and what they did. They said they were happy. Wouldn’t know that if you listened to the mainstream media pundits. The Kurds are prospering. So what is wrong with that?

I pray that one day our leftists and progressive "Americans" get happy too. Because they are miserable. And it is true "Misery loves company". So instead of sticking themselves with like kind, they want me and you to be miserable with them. They don't like our faith in God and country. They don't like our red, white, and blue colors. They don’t like our belief in individualism and capitalism. And they despise the Founding Fathers.

That explains alot out of the Obama administration. What a pity he is! No other American has had the opportunity he has had to do the things to make this a great, great nation. But he's miserable. He's miserable being Obama. And therefore you should be too. It's the only time he will say "Do as I do" and mean it. Most of the time it's "Do as I say and not as I do".

Everywhere I look the Obama administration is inflicting pain on the American people. There's absolutely no telling what they are doing behind our backs. It's bad enough what we know. I am just shaking in my shoes at the thought of it. Whatever it is, it is intended to make us so miserable we have nowhere to go but Government. Because when we are desperate, most of us fail to look above. We just look for the nearest government agency.

And it is so true that nothing can give us more peace, more rest, and more content than the Creator. But most of us again are too shameful to stand up and state that. I wonder how happy we all would be if we did. If we just stood up and professed what this country was founded upon. If we stood up for prayer being taken out of schools, public meetings, and at the lunch table in our restaurants with co-workers.

We can't even get Pastors and Bishops in our own town to stand up and publicly speak on prayer being under attack at our board of commissioner meetings. How in the world can we get the world to believe anymore? They seem to be too engaged in the "politics" and not enough in the "souls".

I wonder how long it will be before we don't hear "Under God" at the Lee County meetings when the pledge is said. Or how long it will be before that's banned too.

And all of this is happening because people are simply not satisfied with themselves and life. They want YOU to change. They want you miserable. They want you crying that poor people can't do better, that Republicans are killing granny, or that poor President Obama is getting such a bad rap because he's black. And so on. They are not happy. And you, who believe in faith, in a Creator, in unalienable rights have no right to be happy too.

Well, I am happy being me. I am happy sitting on the outside bringing out the ridiculous crap happening on both sides of the fence. I am happy being the Sarah Palin of Lee County. I am happy being memaw. And if that was all I was, just Kayne's memaw? Life would still be good.

And frankly, I am happy making “THEM” miserable just because I’m happy!


Kirk D. Smith said...

Amen Sister! Your brother in CHRIST! Still praying for the "lost souls" who continue to persecute us.


Nancy said...

Great post! I can see it is truly from your heart! :)

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