Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Prelude to a Speech...

Here we go again.  Another speech by the Prez.  Another round of empty promises.  Another shot at Republicans being the bad guys. 

This man really thinks we're dumb.  I just read on Drudge where he is losing his base right and left.  He's losing people who were so enamored with a President's skin color and not his achievements plus the kumbaya coming out of his camp. 

 The "people"  seem to have lost hope and a heck of a lot of pocket "change".

But the people get it.  We get it that he had complete power with Congress for two years.  We could be celebrating phenomenal economic growth.  We could have the EPA crippled and businesses thriving.  Instead, he took those 2 years and rammed everything down our throats.  And now because he lost the House he's using back door antics to ram EPA regulations and Healthcare reform to totally transform America.  

Why, oh why, if ObamaCare is so good, do over 3000 companies need exemptions?  If it's do great for our country and job producing, why have we lost tons of jobs since its passage?  Why? Because this administration sucks at economic growth.  The intention of these atrocious bills is to do exactly to America what is happening:  Stifle growth in the private sector,  grow the poor population, and build a massive government to oversee you from cradle to grave.  Period. 

So tonight's speech is just that :  A joke.  Another round of political posturing and accusations.

Mr. Prez, just shut up.  I don't believe you have anything new to say.  I actually am beginning to like used car salesmen better than you. 

But, Mr. Prez there are three things you can say that will make me happy:

1) "I apologize for my bumbling idiot Vice President and am disgusted at Jimmy Hoffa's comments."

2) "I am repealing ObamaCare."

3)  " I quit."

 Actually Mr. President, repealing Obamacare is about the only thing at this point that might save your job. 



Kirk D. Smith said...


As for the speech, it is the same old progressvie pooh that would make Marx proud!

Now about those ObamaCare exemptions / waivers, well you know, "some animals are more equal than others."

Anonymous said...

I hope during your campaign for Lee County commissioner in 2012, someone will ask you about the statements you've made on this blog about the president's skin color being the only reason anyone ever supported him.

Sheila Barber said...


I don't care when I am asked the question. It's been repeated over and over that the only reason the right is against him is because he's black.

Therefore, by deductive reasoning, I can say that it is precisely because he's black that some people voted for him! Blame the left for starting that conversation.

I think people felt guilty for some stupid reason and figured they were redeeming themselves. They were so blinded they failed to look at the whole person. Not just a part. You know, that's what my momma tried to instill in me: Stop judging by the cover. Look at the contents.

Well the contents of Obama are wrong for America. Marxism, communism, socialism, social justice, redistribution of wealth, etc, etc, etc, are wrong!

Maybe you can point out exactly where I said the ONLY REASON ALL that voted for him did because of skin color. If you were 1% honest with yourself, you would admit that a person who has a significant achievement of being "a community organizer" and being a true senator for 147 days who also wouldn't vote straight YES or NO wasn't qualified to be President. And it's absolutely obvious he has no idea what to do about the economy except how to destroy it! His policies suck. He has spent more in 2.5 years than GW did in 8. And believe me, I am not blind to the fact that GW is partly the blame too. But Obama had full control with ol' Boom Boom Etheridge and could have done wonders. But didn't.

But then again, those of us with our eyes open see this.

By the way, I may have made a threat in the paper against the RINO, but no one knows if I will or will not run. That's between me, God, and my hubby.

But I am not afraid of your question. I will say how I feel and let the chips fall where they may. Regardless of the costs. The truth prevails. And the truth can hurt.

I have no trouble sleeping at night when I speak my mind or do what is right. I believe in my heart what I say.

Besides the right would want me to be "nice". And it's the "being nice" that has gotten us where we are. When the right actually gets down to business they will realize you can't "be nice" in politics. You do have to be ruthless and driven. That comment right there will take me out of the equation anyway. I won't be lead. I am a leader. I won't be fed the jello and swallow it. I am not like the establishment. I am a radical. I am different.

Your comment is quite telling. Sounds alot like the "truth detector" who constantly lashes out in BOC meetings and says he can't wait for the "tea party candidates" to run. Sigh. I am still not scared. Why be scared of the truth?

Paint me as a racist, if you want. I'm not. Paint me as a radical, if you want. I am. I don't care. When will you lefties understand, I simply don't care what you think? You'll never see the truth even if it was right in front of you about to bite your head off.

But thanks for commenting. Please don't stop. One day we might actually agree on something.

See I welcome comments from all. I don't moderate them like other blogs in town. I think the banter between right and left is good for us all. Knowing that, why not identify yourself?

Just what is "Anonymous" afraid of?


Kirk D. Smith said...


So are you implying that Sheila is a "racist" because of her TEA Party Principles?

Anonymous, What was the percentage of Black Americans who voted for our Dear Leader, because he was "black?" (Don't forget he is half white)

Also, some of us equate "anonymous" with "cowardice." Then again, our progressive leftists enjoy the anonymity and cover provided by a mob.

As always, I shall remain . . . In Search of Our GOD given Liberties!"

Anonymous said...

Sheila - you wrote a letter stating your intent to run against Doc Oldham in 2012. Are you backtracking?

Kirk - how come anonymity only equals cowardice when you disagree with the statement? Do you think the group masquerading as founding fathers over at that other blog are cowards too? Could it be that you just like to call people names?

Sheila said...

I said I threatened to run. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. If you have read here lately, you will notice just how disgusted I get with both sides.

That would leave me out. And has me thinking that being on the outside sometimes is the best thing. We'll see.

Have a great weekend, Mr/Mrs Anonymous.


Kirk D. Smith said...

Ouch, Touched a nerve there Anonymous!

I don't recall those other bloggers calling anyone racist . . . or implying such. Then again, the Original Founders wrote the Federalist Papers using pseudonymns, not anonymous!

Now perhaps you could answer my questions!

Sheila said...

The Founding Fathers wrote under pseudonyms to prevent death! The way things are going today Eric Holder would put them in Gitmo and claim they were terrorists! All because they believed in God, country, freedom, and individualism!

Wow that's exactly what Obama and Biden would like to see happen to the Tea Partiers. We know that by O's slap on the back, love festival with Hoffa and Biden's barbaric comments. And that was just what was said this week!


Kirk D. Smith said...

Anonymous . . . are you there?

Where are your answers?

Hiding under your desk with Ms. Irene?

Kirk D. Smith said...

Anonymous . . . still waiting. . .

Where are your answers?

Must be still hiding under Ms. Irene's desk!

Kirk D. Smith said...

Anonymous . . . can't answer the questions put forth to him!!!

Must be still hiding under Ms. Irene's desk! Come out, come out! Where ever you are!!!!

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