Friday, October 7, 2011

Time to Revolt! Time for an "Occupy the EDC" sit-in!

Shame on us Conservatives. 
Shame on the Republicans.

Really shame on the Democrats - acting like a bunch of toddlers.  I am referring to the EDC, BOE, and leftist leaning members, like Doc Oldham on the BOC. 

We should have our own reality show called "Will the Real Men of Lee County stand up?"

Republicans have failed in so many ways by thinking we could be nice to the liberals.  Let's all just get along.  That's bull crap.  It's a lie we've been fed from day 1.   Democrats are not in the business of getting along.  They want to tax us to death.  They want to throw gays down our throat

Added after original posting:  Legislative manuevers are not the way to make us embrace a lifestyle that is against our moral beliefs.  What people do with themselves, is their business.  Just don't try to make it mine. 

  They want to disband marriages.  They want to tell us God is dead.  They want us totally dependent on Government.  And more.

You cannot believe them in anymore.  You've heard the phrase "You cannot deal with the devil."  You can't deal with the enemies.  Even though Johnny won the fiddle contest in "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", I think the devil won!

And just go watch a movie like "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" or "The Omen".
Hey, just read the Bible.  There's no dealing with the enemy no matter what you call them.

Contact me via email, because it's time to revolt. 
 It's time to take a stand.
Time to have our own demonstrations and sit-ins. 
Let's have an "Occupy the EDC" rally.  Why not?

Oh I'll add this disclaimer:

The opinions written or spoken by me personnally are not the opinions
of my other two bloggers unless they, themselves speak or write so.
So any attempt to connect us is utterly disputed.  Right now!



Darryl said...

I am sure the gays would rather be thrown down each others' throats than yours.

Sheila said...


That comment is better than morning coffee!

Love it.


Randall Lee Yow said...

Mrs Barber,

Don't you think all Marriages should be illegal and done away with? After all didn't the 13th Amendment ban slavery? The EDC should be tweaked and work on to make it better. The BOC idea to disband it in such a hurried fashion was rather reckless. It did not take into account the wishes of Sanford or Broadway. If I was Mayor I would have been very disturbed that the BOC would try to disband a inter-governmental body with out discussion.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila Barber said...

I am actually happily married to my sweetheart for over 29 years. so no.

All I said was don't force something on me that is against my values.

Who pays the most for the EDC? County. Who went behind the BOC's back and tried to get an incentive for a company that was direct competition with Steele and Pipe? The city of Sanford. Can't trust them. They didn't care one bit for the people who WERE employed. All they wanted was the "glory" of bringing, or hoping to bring jobs, here. Bob Huets too.

Actions speak louder than words, Mr. Randall.

As mayor, you should be extremely worried that the citizens are not getting their money's worth. Unfortunately, the current mayor, I know she's a Democrat, and several other local so-called leaders don't think about the rest of us.

Actions speak louder than words.



Norman Thomas said...

What's being forced on you? If gay marriage is against your values, don't get gay married. Otherwise, all you're doing is making government just small enough to fit inside the bedroom.

Randall Lee Yow said...

Mrs Barber,

While the EDC is by no means a perfect organization I still do not like the idea of completely destroying an inter-governmental agency with out at least taking to all the parties involved. Once everyone got together it appears that it is better to reform it than replace it completely. Mr. Reeves just wants to be able to get more information from before he votes and wants a more accountable EDC. God bless him for that, that is what we should all want from our elected officials. The County's actions lately have been rather heavy handed. Yes the county pays most of the money into the EDC, but that was the agreement they made when the EDC was set up. It seems like the BOC under Chairwoman Mrs Shook are just trying to pick fights with whoever they can. Squabbling does not equal good government. Whatever you want to say you must admit the Caterpillar deal has been a huge success.

-Randall Lee Yow

Randall Lee Yow said...

Oh look, that great conservative Nikki Haley just pulled 1300 jobs away from North Carolina by offering a bigger better incentives deal. South Carolina is killing us because their Republicans are using incentives and our Republicans are trying to kamikaze the North Carolina economy all in the name of political idealism.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila said...

WOW oh look! AN AP Reporter does a story that shows Perdue supporters, Democrats, stand to cash in big If Continental chooses NC!

Did you ever think they might not want to be a part of political corruption?

of course you didn't, Randall. You can't see it for the party.

I would have done the very same thing after finding that out. Especially knowing Perdue's history.


Sheila said...

As for LC EDC, Bob Huets has never been accountable. And he won't be now. That crowd said the other night they want it back like it was bc all was well.

No it wasn't. And no it isn't.

As for Caterpillar it is a success if they produce the jobs and if they stick around. Again, where is the guarantee we will get a repayment if they don't. bob never holds anyone but the taxpayers accountable.

And The Sanford Herald didn't report the same story as WRAL. WRAL says Caterpillar HOPES to bring jobs. herald says they are.

Which one is right? There is a BIG difference between HOPE and WILL?


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