Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turning Points

"You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake."

Bob Hope

Dear Friends,

What’s in your cup today?  I’m sipping BJ’s Ethiopian brand.  This is smooth brew. Man how I wish I had a Sandra’s Apple Cinnamon doughnut with it!  Can you smell it?  If not, you should call your internet provider and complain!

Anyway, today is my 49th birthday.  I remember when 49 was ancient.  Then 49 was just old.  Now, 49 means another year of living and waking up on this side of the grass.  It also means another year of finally taking care of myself.  Just the other day somebody at work told me I looked 10 years younger.  My hair is longer and keeps right on growing.  I love the new haircut.  And another thing:  What took me so long to hit the treadmill?  Please don’t answer.  Sometimes I hate dealing with reality.  This week it’s off limits!

49 marks another year of being blessed beyond measure.  Another year of being with my sweetheart. And another year of getting to be Kayne’s memaw.  Can it get any better?

You bet.  This weekend we went to Boone.  And if you’ve ever read this blog before, you are bound to know how much I love that place.  I swear one day I will own a Christmas farm and sit on my deck with a good cup of brew looking at those majestic mountains. 

It was Black Saturday in Boone. That’s a day all the fanswear black to the football game. If any of you have been there during football season, you know Football Saturdays make it impossible to park on King Street or near “The Rock”.  Better get there an hour or two before the game just to get a parking space on the road behind King Street.  Or else you just might have to take the App Cart from Walmart.  And you would know we had to park on that other side.  And walk all the way over to the stadium in freezing weather. Sunny but darn cold.  Three hours earlier it was snowing! 

But I did it.  I often wondered if the new knee could handle it.  Thanks to the treadmill, it worked just fine. Walking up and down King Street has always been a benchmark. If I can do that, I can do just about anything.  Right!

Thank God for good doctors, physical therapists and the sense to get moving.  And a very patient hubby who had to stop every so often so I could rest.  It was a steep climb to the Rock!  But what a game! 

Do you ever look back on your life and realize the turning points?  You know, the events that changed your life or let’s say, put you back on course?

One such  event was when I was 19.  I could have died.  I was a hair away from riding on a motorcycle on a Sunday evening.  Instead I took off with a co-worker because I was angry at another person.  My life would have probably ended that night.  I am sure some liberal is cursing God on that one.  Today I am still thanking Him for putting an obstacle in my way that night that kept me from riding the bike. 

I remember coming home at a very late hour after partying my heart out (yea, I wasn’t a saint at that age) to find my mama standing at the front door.  I knew something was wrong.  She just looked at me and told me to get in her car. 

How do I say this?  Hmmm.  That tragic event cleaned me up.  And several months later I met my future husband.  Thank God.  Don’t ever try to tell me that God isn’t in control!  Even when WE are stupid and have turned our back, He still protects us. 

And thank God for mama. Mama never said a word to me about the shape I was in that night.  Not one.  She could have kicked me out of the house.  But she didn’t.  No, mama just did the same thing she had been doing since I was born – praying a protective prayer over me. I’m sure my Mama is still an advocate for me in Heaven when I slip up.  That means she’s quite busy.  Because I fail every day.  Do you see your mom that way?  Give her a hug for me if she’s living.  She deserves it.

Event #2:  Becoming a wife.  I could go through the changes here, but there’s not enough room.  So I’ll point you to an earlier blog post “28” (click here).  What a turning point marriage can be.  What lesson have I learned that stands out the most??  I’m not always right.  Yes, I want to be.  But I’m not.  It’s still hard to shut up at times though.  Ha.

Event #3:  Becoming a mama.  Nothing is sweeter.  Nothing is more daunting.  Nothing can be scarier.  I mean after all that’s a little YOU you’re taking care of.  Better do your best.  If you look at kids as a blessing and not an impediment, then taking care of them, while it isn’t a piece of cake, does bring happiness. 

I simply do not understand how someone can abort a baby.  Note:  They are babies when they are conceived.  Abortion is a “right” according to the left.  No, we have a right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Not murder.  Just my humble opinion and on this subject I could care less what people think of it.

Event #4:  Graduating from CCCC in 1993.   I knew I had to go back to school. We were poor and living on “barely getting along” street.  We had two kids.  I waited tables at night while Dean worked during the day.  We just swapped out at 4 pm.  He came home and I headed to Red Lobster, Old Wake Forest Road, Raleigh.  We did that for years.  Going to college was a necessity then.  What if something had happened to Dean?  I couldn’t have fed my kids on a waitress’ salary.  Don’t get me wrong.  I made killer money for a waitress.  But it wouldn’t have been that way if I had been on my own.  Sure there was welfare.  And welfare is there to help us through the tough times.  But it’s not meant to be a career like the “occupiers” and some others believe it is.

I remember walking across that stage to get my Diploma.  It was a turning point.  No, I did not walk into the job of my dreams the next day.  I actually went through some horrible jobs right here in Sanford until I found a decent one in RTP.  I just don’t understand what these spoiled kids are thinking today. 

Then Dean went to college.  Wasn’t easy but we made it. And it was a turning point, as well.

Event #5:  Becoming Memaw.  Can we just skip the kids and go straight to the grandkids?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my kids.  I love them dearly.  But there’s something far more special about a grandkid.  I can’t pinpoint one thing.  It’s everything!  I might let you borrow my kids.  But dang if I will let you borrow my grandkid.   

Event #6:  Earning my Bachelor’s degree.  Always wanted it.  Never thought I would do it.  But I did.  And I tell these young punks on facebook who complain about college to just stop.  Try doing it with a fulltime job, bills, grandkids, etc.  They can’t answer. 

And suddenly doors are starting to open that didn’t before.  It was worth every minute of it.

Event #7 (should have listed as #1):  Finding God.  It was me that got lost.  Not Him.  I fail daily and have plenty of witnesses.  But it’s a habit now to go out at night and automatically look at the sky and talk to “daddy”.  If we were only as patient as He is…If only.

I could go on and on.  What I am trying to do is make you think of those turning points in your life?  How will the next year be for me?  Heck, only God knows.

The say you shouldn’t tell your birthday wish.  But I am.  Because many feel the same.  I want a President who loves America.  Not one who apologizes for her.  Not one who wants to fundamentally change her.  I want an electorate who actually knows who they are voting for.

I want the America I grew up in to be the America for my kids and grandson.

Have a blessed day!


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