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Wishy, Washy? You get what you deserve!

Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” ~
 Ronald Reagan, from his first inaugural speech as governor of California, January 5, 1967

 Dear Friends,
Are you listening?  Are you listening to your family, your friends, etc?  Do you hear what some of them are saying?  I was appalled today by someone who called himself a Christian.  Yet it seemed he was undecided on whether to vote for Obama or the Republican candidate.

On Facebook, a friend posted: 
 "Who thinks the president's race may not be decided by the time it gets here? Any chance?"

My reply: 

Sheila Barber "Not me. We have the power to make sure it's settled. but it sure is fun watching the media trip over themselves and think they will pick our candidate. Because my pick will be ANYBODY BUT OBAMA!
PERSON I don't buy into the "Anyone but Obama" idea. I'll reserve my final vote for whenever the nominees are finalized and see how they debate each other. I'll admit readily that Obama has let us down on a number of fronts. However, there are some candidates worse for our country than Obama, and they are in the Republican race. As a Christian, I tend to frame my decisions by thinking about how Jesus would think of certain things. I want to hear more from all the candidates about the issues that Jesus spoke most about: justice, poverty, and hunger, for example.

PERSON: To clarify, I don't mean that all the current Republican nominees are worse that Obama... I just want to see who the final Republican nominee will be before I choose between a sitting president and a new candidate. That's all...
Sheila Barber ‎I stand by my ABO! If you think voting for him is good for America, go ahead. But don't come crying about being a Christian and so on and then vote for someone who Is totally against what our country was built on FAITH and individual freedom and liberty. Our Gov is not suppose to be our care taker. Period. No way around it. weare to have faith in God and live accordingly. I am a Christian but can see plainly why the world thinks we are fakes when we don't stand on HIS principles. You can't have it both ways. You are either for life or death. Right or wrong.
Sheila Barber This is where my passion comes out and I am not ashamed about who I offend. I believe Obama was allowed to be President to wake us up and to make us get on our knees and humble ourselves!"

Folks..maybe you don't understand how I feel.  But I simply don't believe our country should be taken away from our founding principles.  We were built on our Faith in a higher power. 

How, just tell me how, can someone call themselves a follower of Christ yet not see what the liberal agenda has done to our society?  I mean, if you want to talk about justice, poverty, and hunger, let's talk.  Let's talk about how God said a lazy person shouldn't eat.  Let's talk about an eye for an eye.  Let's talk about abortion and how it is nothing more than murder (any justice there for the innocent human being?). Oh that will get me in trouble. So be it.  If my comments offend you, get a life.

Somebody explain how we can legislate, and fund, the killing of babies then hold vigils for those on death row?  The liberals will fight you tooth and nail about a woman's right to choose.  Last I checked, the Bible tells me my body is God's temple.  I should take care of it.  I don't.  I weigh too much.  I don't get enough rest.  And I fail daily on just about everything.  Those are things I will overcome with God's help and God's help only.  Not my government's.

The world, people, is hurting.  But our hypocrisy of caring to the point of  encouraging government to keep us from cradle to grave is not Christian-like.  We are to be examples to the world.  Lazy people are not examples.  We are to show people how to fish.  Not just give them the fish.  Am I talking to the choir? Or am I ticking a few of you off? I don't care.  I'm too old to care who likes me anymore.  I'm too passionate about my country to shut up.

So to those of you who are wishy washy and can't see the fate of our country, you get what you deserve. 

Here's another in your face, hypocritical action from our President:

Obama Rejecting Pipeline, Pokes Back At GOP

I sure hope those of you who are think this is ok are happy with this man and his regime. Here is a chance for him to put his money where his mouth is, and really help America get some jobs, and he refuses.   It's not about jobs.  It's about re-election.

He spews out what you want to hear and does another thing.  He has no intentions on seeing
that you are successful.  The ram it down your throat mentality with regards to regulations, healthcare, etc, is killing jobs and Americans. He would rather have campaign dollars than see YOU become independent and successful.

So here's a toast liberals and those "undecided wishy washy" citizens:  If you are happy with a President and a party that will say and do anything to get elected, and attempts to destroy the Constitution and the America I live in, and tries (with alot of success too) to ruin your kids and my kids' future, don't cry to me when you lose your job.  Don't cry to me when you are desolate. 

Obama has bought you with his lies and unconstitutional actions. Many of us tried to tell you.  It is not the Republicans who are keeping you down.  It's the Democrats and their elitists attitudes.  Just don't cry to me. I am probably going to say "I told you so.

By the way, your so-called Messiah is nothing like the real one.  The real one would  not lead you astray.  The real one wants you successful so YOU, not government, can help and encourage others.   And he doesn't live at 1600 Pennyslvania Avenue.

Who is bigger, our God, or our government? Who is more reliable
and who knows the number of hairs on your head? I rest my case.


Randall Lee Yow said...

Wishy washy, wishy wasy? You mean like this?

or how about this?

We cannot elect God the Father, God the Son, or the Holy Ghost to be President. We have to elect the best person with all of their failures and shortcomings. With the race shaping up so far I have to say it looks like the best person is President Obama. I do kind of like Ron Paul though.

People forget that the social welfare net that we have in place was called for by many members of the clergy during the Great Depression. This was after the Churches found the crisis to big to handle on their on. I find a hard time believing that Pastors back in our Great Grandfathers and Great Grandmothers day were flaming radicals. They just could look at what was right and wrong regardless of ideology. Let us remember the words of the Constitution;

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila Barber said...


Good discussion BUT...

You must clarify why you feel Obama is the best. Pin it down. What has the PBO government done for you today?

OH YES WE CAN...We can elect someone (no one is God on earth - tell the "fake" Messiah that)...but we can elect someone with strong CHRISTIAN values. Oh Yes we can. You've heard that phrase before, right?

I'm sorry but PBO nor the Democratic party reflect my values. Today's Democratic Party is NOT the one my daddy was a part of. PBO is for ABORTIONS just like the Democratic party. God isn't. He is for redistribution of wealth. God isn't. The Bible does not IMPLY AT ALL that wealth be forcibly redistributed. The Dem party does. The Bible teaches that we are to share from our heart. Not STEAL IT. We are here to Fellowship with God. In turn, for our obedience, we are given the tools to have wealth (not just money, dude). It is up to US to use them. Children are a gift. Not a tool, not a toy, not something to be destroyed.

The Bible also says "Pay Ceasar his due." It doesn't say forfeit rights, liberties, freedoms all in the name of government keeping us from cradle to grave.

My Savior and this is repeated throughout the Bible, talks about my success. Not governments. The Democratic party is so obsessed with other people's money/property. That means they want it. It's called lust, in case you don't know.

And our Constitution talks about PROMOTING welfare, not providing. There is a huge difference.

Oh before you start on the Great Depression, how about go read how reducing taxes, checking inflation, and opening up job opportunities (not like PBO killing them - what a hypocrite) did to turn it around? We came out of the Great Depression faster than what is going on now.

There is such a stark difference between Obama and the others. Obama hasn't said one word about healthcare reform in his latest ads. Why is that? It's an election killer. I like our candidates. Please before you tell me ours are no good ...give me reasons why yours IS. Concrete reasons, not hypothetical.


Randall Lee Yow said...

Alright. I'm ill. As in sick, not mad. Bodily not mentally. I think one of my co-workers gave me the flu and I am a little feverish, but here we go I am going to do this in parts.


President Obama has been the most successful foreign policy and military president sense Reagan(I just said something quasi-good about Reagan, I must be sick). President Obama is a thoughtful leader. I think he weighs the consequences of his and America's actions very careful and makes good decisions. Early in his Presidency he sent in NAVY SEALS to rescue a sea captain from Somali Pirates. During this operation he let the Admiral on the scene command the mission. That shows me he does not try to micro-manage our military leaders. That is very good in my opinion because he listens to the brave men and women who keep us safe. President Obama made the final decision to go into Pakistan and get Bin Laden. The decision to violate another country's sovereignty can be considered and act of war and war should never be treated lightly. He made the right choice, and our SEALS avenged 9/11. The fact that we got the mastermind of 9/11 shows the world that we will protect ourselves and destroy our enemies. Getting Bin Laden will do more to prevent attacks than all the planes, tanks, and ships combine because now the rest of the world knows we will find and punish you.

I think President Obama's handling of the Arab spring has been superb. America has supported dictators all over the world for to long. Our support of Dictators has almost always come back to bite us in the rear. What we are seeing now is the Spirit of 1776 which broke out in Europe in the 19th and 20th century finally take hold in the near east and middle east. The spread of the principles of Democratic Republicanism (not to be confused with either party) will make the world a better place. Will it look like our government? No, but it is a start and I honestly believe only free and democratic countries in the middle east can finally make a lasting peace with Israel. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Iraq are forming there on futures, and hopefully Syria and Iran will be following them shortly.

As to the matter of Iraq and Afghanistan I feel like how we left Iraq was done properly. I know there have been bombings and fighting, but it is the Iraq's fighting among themselves. I hope Iraq does not enter a civil war, but America has helped them out with lots of money and lots of our heroes lives. It is time for them to figure it out for themselves. It is also time to get out of Afghanistan, and I believe President Obama is doing that in a responsible way. We have spent to much time, money, and lives on these wars. It is time for some peace and prosperity.

I would be wrong of me not to mention Iran and the threat of a Nuclear Bomb. I believe President Obama is committed to stop them from weaponizing their nuclear program. He knows however that a another land war is not in our best interests. Getting the rest of the world, or at least Russia and China, on board with us is a must. Just look to the recent military conference between America and Israel last week.

-Randall Lee Yow
(PART TWO will come shortly and be on education)

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