Monday, February 6, 2012

Math Lesson!

"In the next place, the state governments are, by the very theory of the constitution, essential constituent parts of the general government. They can exist without the latter, but the latter cannot exist without them."
Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

Good morning Friends,
I'm sitting here with a cup of  Eight O'Clock Bean coffee.  Smells and tastes so good.  Especially since I'm sipping out of the most beautiful cup ever made:  A Memaw cup?  You mean you've never seen one? Of course not.  This was made especially for me by somebody called "Sugarbear".

 Never knew, yes, I never knew coffee could taste so good!  Maybe I should have paid attention in Math Class back in Martin County to be able to "measure" the perfect amount for coffee.  To be sure, they used the same books as our beloved Governor did when she was in school.  Or those "top dogs" at the Bureau of Labor and Statistics!  And Prez Obama!  On second thought I'm not too sure..about the Prez!

So it's the Martin County Math classes that have been the problem!'s the "Memaw" cup I've been missing!  Whatever it was, the "brew" is just perfect now.

Anyway let's do some math.  Not Obama and Perdue Math.  Real math.  Let's see how simple it is.  Fundamentals first.
1)  Lesson #1: 1 + 1 = 2. 

Not 1 + 1 = whatever the child wants it to be because we're afraid of "hurting their feelings".
2)  QUIZ: Joe Citizen pays 15% tax.  He works at Caterpillar.  He makes $40,000.  How much in taxes does he pay (let's be nice and pretend federal only).   To solve this equation, liberals, you take 40,000 and multiply by .15.  The answer is:  6000.  Put that in correct logic: Joe Citizen pays $6,000 in taxes. 

3)  QUIZ 2: Merry Citizen pays 15% tax.  She owns Caterpillar.  (She's one of those hated rich folks.) She has worked hard all her life, just like Joe Citizen.  She saved and was able to buy Caterpillar.  Merry makes $400,000 a year.  She stays up late at nights, gets to the office at 5am.  Deals with customers when production is behind.  Deals with managers when employees have grievances.  Makes sure OSHA regulations are upheld. 

Makes sure Accounting pays quarterly Unemployment insurance premiums, quarterly fed, state and local taxes.   Makes sure employees are paid on time and make decent wages.  Makes sure the holiday season is a time to be thankful for her employees and gives bonuses just because she cares.  Makes sure she attends BOC meetings.  Makes sure she is a member of the Chamber of Commerce so her business gets attention.  Makes sure Caterpillar abides by their bylaws that they will contribute to the community.  You know all that stuff that the 9-5..ers don't have to worry about.  How much in taxes does Merry pay from her salary (again let's be nice and pretend federal only).
So let's do the math, liberals: 

  400,000 x .15 =  60000.  Put in logical form,  Merry Citizen pays $60,000 in taxes. 

4) Lesson 2: Let's learn the principle of greater than and less than.    Is 1 more than 2?  Not in most math books.  In Beverly Perdue's, Bobby Etheridge's, the Democratic party's, Prez Obama's, Harry and Nancy's, and Warren Buffet's world, it is.  Sorry to blow their thunder, but it's not. Where did they go to school?  Definitely not in Martin County, NC!
For the record 1 is LESS THAN 2.  Taking that same concept, can we now say that $6,000 is less than $60,000?  Well by golly, it is! 
But in liberal world, $60,000 is $70,000 less than $6,000!

Nonetheless, using my math skills earned in Martin County, NC,  I can conclude, that Merry Citizen, CEO and owner of Caterpillar, pays more than Joe Citizen, the floor sweeper, or production line crewman!  That's a fact, Jack!
Is there a "Math for Dummies" book we can send to Warren, Bev, Reid, Ty, Debbie Whatsherface, etc?  If so, let's do it. I don't think Obama would even understand it.  So don't bother.  He had math in Kenya.  Oops.  I mean Hawaii.

5) Unemployment 8.3% - The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that wow!  we're on the road to recovery.  The unemployment rate dropped from 8.5% to 8.3%.  Ok. If I am a student of ObamaMath, I would believe that.  But I took statistics.  And I know statistics can be whatever you want them to be.

So let's do some Math!  In December there were 132.9 million people working in America.  That we know of.  We can't count those darn illegals getting paid under the table.  But how do I know they aren't counted?  We all know Bev Perdue has had access to the information to make it sound as pleasurable as possible!

Back to the Math.  132.9 million employed in December.  130.4 million in January.  Using my Martin County and CCCC math skills, that means there were 2.5 million less working in January than December.  Then the Bureau of Labor & Stats throws out about half to "seasonally adjust".

Unemployment rates are never accurate.  They are gathered via averages on household surveys.  They don't include those "not looking anymore".  So how can we be happy with 8.3% when we know stats sometimes lie, and the truth is never taught so we stay ignorant!  See more on how unemployment rate is calculated:

Anyway, so 1.2 million are thrown out.  Not looking.  Released from seasonal part time job, yada yada yada. Not cared about - just trashed.  That means the BLS can use less people looking for jobs and therefore the unemployment rate decreases just by "doing the math."  Can you say "cheater"?? (Doesn't matter who is in the WH - BLS does this!)

Just somebody please explain  how can you gain 234,000+ jobs if you lost 2.5 million?  That's not Martin County math nor CCCC statistics either!!

In any case, if our government can just throw out numbers at will (no matter who is in the WH), what other numbers are they messing with? Hmmm...the number of uninsured? The number of jobs created (by the way Government doesn't create jobs)????
I don't know about you but this girl who never went to More-At-Four, Head Start, nor Kindergarten can do math.  Math the right way.  Not funky monkey liberal math!

Until the next lesson, have a good day and "learn something"!


Anonymous said...

You should be a teacher. You just took someone to school!

Anonymous said...

Teachers shouldn't be taking kids to school! We have buses for that! Where's the individual responsibility? I'm tired of this cradle to grave nanny state liberalism!

Randall Lee Yow said...

I did not realize the USA had a flat tax of 15%?

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila said...

Me either. And I did't realize I said that!

Oh I didn't. I was just using it as an example.

But hey ...glad you are commenting.


Randall Lee Yow said...

Maybe you would like to comment on the real tax rates of Mr Gingrich and Mr Romney. I would love to be enlightened to the conservative perspective on why Mr Gingrich has to pay 32% on his millions, but Mr Romney has to pay 14% on his millions? Not a math problem, more a philosophical issue.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila said...


If I do that then I also, in fairness, have to comment on the other half of the population who pays NOTHING but thinks I don't pay enough!

Do you want me to go down that path and expose the lie coming from left on what a "fair share" really is to them?

Liberals love everybody else's money. Case in point: Our President and his wife ... living quite well. Why doesn't the Prez put his money where his mouth is and give all of his money up? Why doesn't Warren Buffet just shut up and turn over his fortune to the feds? His darn poor secretary owns 2 homes and makes over $200,000 a year! How about Ms. Pelosi and her insider trading? Can you say "hypocrite"? Oh yeah.

I just might go down that path.


Anonymous said...

PERHAPS mR yOW SHOULD GET AN UNDERSTANDING ON CAPITAL GAIN TAXES VERSES INCOME. Mr Romney already payed income taxes on the money he invested. But the capital gains he extracted from what that earned was at 15%. If he doesnt like that then he should try and get the law changed. So Mitt payed twice on the same money. But he doesnt want you to know that because it doesnt fit his agenda. If it wasnt for investors a lot of people wouldnt have jobs. Perhaps all the rich should just leave with all their money and lets see how we fare.

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