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DPI and Local Religious NonProfits

Here at the Brew we try to make the obscene the obvious and demonstrate hypocrisy on the left. Just read...

How many times do liberals tell us that you can't combine God and Public Education? Then if that's the case, this blogger wants to know why some of our local churches are getting money for after school programs from DPI? And it isn't chump change, friends.

Good grief. We've got our liberal Board of Commissioners either passing off praying or declaring "silent prayers" before BOC meetings. So if our liberal commissioners are not praying to God then why is the DPI distributing tax payer dollars to "religious" organizations? God + Schools = LAWSUITS!  Don't take my word. Just look around.

It's so ironic how the liberals want to kick God out of the schools but for "good intention" purposes, they use organizations like "21st Century Community Learning Centers Program" to funnel money into "liberal approved religious organizations" ( 

I'm not saying that is bad. Just looking at the hypocrisy.  Liberals want nothing to do with God unless they make a buck from it or can push an agenda.  And we have plenty of libs running our schools.

Since it's taxpayer dollars being used...there must be accountability. There's no possible way that the Department of Public Instruction would release funds to any faith organization without demanding where every dime goes. No way! You better not be teaching these kids anything like "God loves you" or quote any scripture that might uplift a kid out of depression.  No No.  ACLU and others will come running.  And those funds will be ripped away.  That is if you're a conservative organization.  
So where did some of the money go locally? Take a look at some of the recipients:

September 2009: 60 proposals were received by DPI. 30 were approved by the State Board for funding and 30 were not approved (as recommended).

Lee had two programs funded Children of Promise ($195,000) and Positive Directions for Youth ($300,000).

April 2010: 164 summer applications were received by DPI. 142 were approved by the State Board for funding and 22 were not approved (as recommended).

Lee also had two programs funded; Children of Promise ($50,000) and Positive Directions for Youth ($50,000).

August 2010: 199 applications were received by DPI. 89 were approved by the State Board for funding and 110 were not approved (as recommended).

Lee had two programs funded; Fountain of Knowledge Educational Services ($160,000) and Provisions in the Community ($400,000).

Look up the info yourself: 

I did a search on Children of Promise which was given $245,000. Google led me to Fair Promise AME Zion church ( Right on the front of their website it says: Shawn Williams is the Pastor.

Stop. Shawn Williams is the Chairman of the Lee County Board of Education. Ok wouldn't that be a conflict of interest? How did the BOE chair obtain this grant? I wonder if his best man, Mr. Jeffrey Moss, helped him get it?

Oh word on the street is that Mr. Williams was just moved to another church, Andrews Chapel AME Zion Church, in Bunnlevel. How will that affect his re-election bid for the Lee County BOE? Should he back out?  Shouldn't the citizens be concerned?  Just an observation.

Now let's look at "Provisions in the Community". Again, why are our local churches receiving DPI funds? Where's the NCAE when you need them? Looking the other way, that's where. Where's Ty or Bobby "Boom Boom" Etheridge? Don't they know God and school don't make the best cocktail? It does in my book but not with liberal ideology! Dang I keep forgetting. Both of the above organizations receive money with liberal approval. After all, its for the "children". Right again!

"Provisions in the Community" received quite a bit of money. This organization is a part of Christians Provisions Ministry on Courtland Drive.  According to the website page on the grant details, the nonprofit organization, (, is the recepient of a 4 year grant totaling $1,360,000.

  Number of students served: 200. Number of Adults (Adults?): 200.
You do the math: 1.36 million / 400 = $3,400 per person. That's alot of milk and fresh fruit! Isn't that what our government requires for after school care? No more of this cookies and juice stuff. Ms. Obama would be proud.
Ok, I need someone to explain the "Adult" portion. What are adults doing needing after school care? 

It plainly states on this page,, the center is only open after school. And furthermore, it definitely needs to researched more because the page also states it serves kids from Lee Christian and Grace. I thought both of those schools had after school care. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm sure someone will set that straight!

Who is the Pastor of Christian Provision Ministries?  I remember, Pastor Mellette.  Isn't he  on the EDC board?  Doesn't Jeff Moss serve on that board?  Dang it's a small world after all.

More to come when I can take time from my busy job of surviving to blog!


Kirk D. Smith said...

Why does this smell like "Solyndra?" Oh, the ministries in quesiton did not go bankrupt! Nothing here, move on. . .

Can't wait to see those ACT results. . . surely with No Child Left Behind, the Race to the Top, More at Four, Smart Start, Headstart, STEM, Laptops, and Rosetta Stone, we should have the smartest kids on the GLOBE!

Randall Lee Yow said...


What about a County Commissioner suggesting having secretive breakfast meetings with the County Manager, the Superintendent, and the County Chair? Sounds like some good old boy backroom dealing going on if you ask me. I wonder what kind of plans and schemes were hatched in the name of "good governance" and "communications"?

-Randall Lee Yow

Kirk D. Smith said...

Hey Randall,

I believe that was a recommendation by the Evergreen Solutions audit in order to improve COMMUNICATIONS! Clearly a large table in a breakfast crowd is not a "secretive" and "behind the scenes" scheming.

As a matter of fact, Ms. Amy Dalrymple attended one of those breakfasts and she was threatening to embarass the school system for the physical condition of Lee County High School.

If that is all you can find on your Keith Clark EMAIL quest, then have at it!

I'll be praying for you!

GOD Bless!

As always, I shall remain in Search of our GOD Given Liberties!

Randall Lee Yow said...

What! What, you had breakfast with a Democrat? I do not believe it.

Seriously though I do not have a problem with people having a working breakfast or coffee together, however this is just the sort of thing that if you were not involved with it you would be calling it good old boy behavior.

As to your e-mails let me say that the majority of them make you look like, dare I say, congenial. Which makes those letters to the editor seem even more bizarre. I almost wonder if the "D" in your name stands for "Double Talk".

Oh and be careful about Blessing me and agreeing with me too much. You are going to ruin your reputation.

Kirk D. Smith said...

Dear Randall,

Let's clarify "good ole boy," these are power brokers on both sides of the political spectrum, who wish not to have things change. . They work "behind the scenes" and are not open to the public, taxpayers, or voters. They pool their enormous wealth in order to buy the media and influence "popular opinion." They are a threat to personal liberty!

As always, &tc.

Sheila said...


You are so wrong. You see our God, the one and only true God, states to bless your enemies. Don't take my word for it. It's in the Book.

Good stuff in there.

Have a great weekend!


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