Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lord, help me to count to 10

I just read a piece of news about Biden and a $10,000 plate dinner with Democrats.  And stating that the Republication are so out of touch with the middle class.  Telling all that the Republicans don't know what it means to be middle class.  He stands up there with that grin on his face.  I got this off Drudge Report.  Lord, you tell us to love all, love our enemies and love those who are smart and ignorant.  Love those who persecute us, who steal from us, who just treat us like dirt.  Lord, this is one commandment that at times I do find hard to live out. The Whole Democrat party is out of touch with the human race. 

Obama is telling us the way to conserve on gas, is for all of us to buy electric cars.  I have a sore throat screaming at this man.  My eyes were opened to how many idots are walking this earth who voted for an ignorant man.  No wonder we are going down the tube.

I agree with sis, we need to educate folks.  I for one, will be sending stuff to our paper on numerous topics.  I forward my sis's blog to people I know and through her blog folks can be educated on what is going on with the politics.  There are still  many people who just go with the flow.  I know I am only one person, but one day my one voice may stir up enough folks to cause their voice to stir up other people and who knows what will occur from all of us speaking and and educating others on things happening in this world.

Latest I heard today is Michelle will be going on the David Letterman show. Lord, are these folks President, First Lady or just entertainers looking to get in front of a camera.  I work with a girl that voted for Obama.  I love to rag her every chance I get.  They say politics and religion will get folks acted up and boy it does me.  I asked her, well how do you like the change.  She always tries to defend the man.  I have to consider the source, this coming from a woman who with her mom, went to the Doll House in Raleigh and actually went in looking for ceramic dolls.  But to top it off, came back and told everyone.  Oh you are right, she's a blonde.

So, this is my venting tonight.  Hope some of you enjoy what I write, and its not too boring.  I hope to get more voicetrous over time.  Who knows, I might become as outspoken as my kid sis, Shelia>  NOTTTTTTTTTTT!


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Kirk D. Smith said...

Quoting a now famous Senator John Edwards,


The ruling elites and the rest of us.

As always, I shall remain, In Search of Our GOD Given Liberties!

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