Saturday, April 28, 2012

And Here's Another one - On the Right this Time!

It never ends.  And it doesn't matter what side of the fence you're on.  This scoundrel had an affair! With a lobbyist.  What the heck was he thinking?  Did the idea of "impropriety" ever occur to this fool? How much angst, embarrassment, and deceit has this one action caused his "real" family?  My stomach is turning.  Thank goodness I've only had coffee this morning.

The article states he resigned.  Well not soon enough!  Where is the integrity, the honesty, and the "courtesy" we need to get this country back to its roots?   Somebody answer that please!  I told you that we are here to show hypocrisy where it exists.  And don't be fooled, it's on both sides of the fences and frankly, the citizenry is sick of it.

Top NC House staffer resigns

Charles Thomas, chief of staff to House Speaker Thom Tillis, resigned late Thursday after admitting to a romantic relationship with a lobbyist.

Thomas served one term in the House representing Buncombe County. He became friends with fellow Republican Tillis during that 2007 session.
Tillis brought Thomas back to Raleigh in 2011 to manage the speaker's office.
Thomas, whose wife and children live in Asheville, was engaged in a romantic relationship with Jessica Hayes, a lobbyist for the North Carolina Home Builders' Association. He wouldn't comment further on that relationship.

"I have no interest in discussing my personal life," he said.

He did, however, add that his relationship with Hayes had nothing to do with any policy initiatives that came from Tillis' office. Any allegation of improper influence, he said, is "absolutely untrue."
Jane Pinsky, director of the North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform, said having an affair doesn't technically violate the state ethics code.

"There is, however, a certain perception that someone is getting favors because they're a friend of yours," Pinsky said. "Ms. Hayes had the advantage of Mr. Thomas always returning her phone calls first and perhaps his talking to her about things another lobbyist might not have knowledge of

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