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Buying Your Vote...

Editor's update:  It has been dutifully noted that I should rephrase a couple of my original statements.  I stand by my opinion but have made it "kinder".  Note that this is my opinion.  My other authors or affiliations are separate.     The politics of personal destruction is alive and well in Lee County.   This blog attempts to encourage readers to think for themselves.  We welcome your comments whether you agree or disagree.   Sheila Barber

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." — John Quincy Adams (attributed to Adams, by his contemporaries)

No one in their right mind thinks ugly politics occurs in their sweet little home town.  Local politics doesn't get ugly.  Not here in Lee County.  Only Chicago.  Yea right!  But it does occur here on a daily basis.  Let's give credit where credit is due:  Both sides do it to an extent.  One side more than other!  The new PAC, organized under the disguise of Pro-Business, LEED, is just one example.  If you recall in my posting yesterday,   Geez Hypocrisy Examples are Racking Up,  the LEED was supposedly formed to be "kinder, gentler way of doing politics and business".   See Sanford Herald quotes in previous posting.  Yet the very first thing you see is a hit on a sitting Commissioner. 

Wouldn't you think the first thing a PAC would do is expose their values?  Oh they did, Sheila.  They exposed their good old boy network and what some money in a pot (around $30k to begin with I hear) will do for you.  Money talks.  Money buys lots of ads in a paper.  Money talks. Money buys lots of ads in a home town paper.  And big ones! I wonder if the Herald sent this ad to a Press Attorney first?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Anyway, as I said before "game on boys".  And it is some good old boys making up the "members only club":  Donnie Oldham signed the paperwork.  Is this  Donnie Oldham,  the Economic Development Director?    The one that hosted a fund raiser for Renee Ellmers in 2010?

I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.  Please do.

(Address and phone blacked out.  No one needs to know that info.)
We know Kirk Bradley is involved.
But I've seen these names thrown around too:  Jamie Kelly, Chet Mann, George Perkins. 
Somewhere I sense the Wicker name is in hiding and a few others.   Time will tell.
And that's ok.  They have a right to their opinion.  While they suppress our pocketbooks,
they are still Americans and covered by the First Amendment.

But while they are all Pro-Business, they are not necessarily Pro-Taxpayer:  Jamie Kelly gave us the "you will pay higher property taxes or a give us a sales tax".  Where is he now?  (Editor revised words in red:) The guy, didn't seek re-election, before becoming the poster boy of what we don't want as a representative.  Luckily for him, the incumbent running in this year's race has taken his place. 

But wow, talk about bashing the hand that feeds you. The EDC can't do their jobs without asking the commissioners for help. How stupid is this group? They are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. And now we are finding out who is behind this vicious ad.

Now it's becoming clear why the good old incumbent commissioner doesn't need the GOP's help.  What about the other guy, Mark?  I ask you: (editor rephrasing to be kinder/gentler) Should we question the party values of those involved?  Yes. We should.  Whatever the intentions really are, they will come out. 
And since he is so giddy about it and pronounced a day before on his blog that the first shot was coming, include the other blogger in town in the above as well.  Not for funding.  Just the "other stuff".  And that guy says I am jerked around.  Ha!

 Jim Womack's signature isn't on that form above.  Therefore, we won't see Mr. Blogger in front of the BOC talking about ethics and playing nice. When he can't bash the conservatives, its no fun.

Well done, guys! 
More to come.



Randall Lee Yow said...

Mrs Barber,

Jaime Kelly did not resign, he choose not to seek re-election. A certain Lieutenant Colonel now has that position currently, you know the man who wanted to be the board's voice of sanity (his words not mine).

The person who resigned was Amy Stevens. I will not get into her scandalous behavior. Then of course it was the infamous Kirk Smith, who resigned because the stress from his job was too hard for him to handle or whatever excuse he is using this week.

Watching people spin these conspiracy theories is quite entertaining. Be careful however I would hate for you to defame someone unfairly because you did not have all the facts straight. For the record Bigfoot, Elvis, and Randall Lee Yow where not involved in this.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila Barber said...

Ok Randall you win on the Jamie thing. I revised and stated I revised it. I kind a see what you meant.

Voice of sanity. Ha ha. You mean like the old guy going around talking about "Acts with Complete Honesty"?

However, if you're referring to anyone else in the post, too bad for them. I asked the question: Is this the same Donnie Oldham? After all, there seems to be quite a few hanging around. I want to know.

Kirk Bradley is quoted by the paper. I also said "I heard..about the others" - anyone who comments can refute. I just heard. This would be a good place for the powers that be to stand up and state who they are. Why be afraid and go anonymously or behind some big name? I think they should LEED BY EXAMPLE!

Anyway, I have an inquiring mind. I also state that no matter what they have a right to free speech as well.

Oh I see your other point...will rephrase that one as well.

Please continue to point out what you feel should be corrected.

Now I forgot about Amy Stevens. Ahhh I'm trying to remember the other party in the scandalous behavior. Oh no ...I won't sleep until I do.

Thanks frienemy!

Anonymous said...

Randall, what are your thoughts about an officer of a county political party who draws a chalk outline of a dead person in front of the headquarters of the other political party? I am sure Elvis and Bigfoot were innocent. How about you?

Sheila Barber said...

The other blogger is another topic though. He has a posting that accuses me and my hubby of something. We are used as an example in comments on another blog. He ran with it! I have told him once before to leave my family out of this rant between us. He made public a private comment I made to him about my daughter's tatoo. He publicized it. Took it down shortly after.

Apparently he doesn't listen though. That being said I won't stoop as low as him and hit his family. That's just wrong.

Besides they shouldn't pay for what he says just like mine shouldn't pay for what I say.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Elvis is not involved, but I do not think you can guarantee that Bigfoot is not a part of LEED. After all, LEED's first ad is full of untruths and make believe. Bigfoot may even be awarded LEED's mascot position. As LEED seeks to use their money and make believe theories to keep their big feet on the throat of Lee County taxpayers.

What is the conspiracy theory you think exists? Jamie Kelly is one of the power brokers behind LEED. He spent much time recruiting people to attend the meeting. Are you saying that Kelly has told you he is not working hard for LEED? The important point is that Kelly knew he would lose in a landslide if he ran for re-election.

Bringing Amy up is weak. Didn't the paper report that Smith resigned because he had to spend more time focusing on his job? And wasn't their talk that the reason he was getting pressure at work was due to Jimmy Love?

Kirk Smith is a true American patriot. He served his Country honorably in the armed forces and will serve Lee County well as a commissioner again. This time he will not be appointed by the sitting commissioners, but elected by the people.

No person could bring sanity to a board that included Jamie Kelly, Amy Dalrymple, Richard Hayes and Doc Oldham better than Jim Womack. That is one campaign promise fulfilled.

Randall Lee Yow said...

Anonymous Type Person,

I don't know Elvis was pretty tricky, have you ever seen Harem Scarum? And Bigfoot is so mysterious who's to say what that creature could do? But hey, you keep those ad hominem attacks coming.


Randall Lee Yow said...

2nd Anonymous Type Person,

I only brought up Amy because Mrs Barber originally stated that Mr Kelly had resigned and I was presuming that she was getting her facts slightly confused.

As to LEED I do not know anything about it other than what has appeared in the newspaper and various blogs.

I truly thank Kirk Smith for his service and after reading his e-mails I stated he seemed thoughtful and even respectful (or something to that effect). He however is not my political cup of tea, that and he does not seem like he is working that hard to win my vote. It is true some of the things he has written in the paper have left me somewhat cool to him, but if you read this blog you can see that we sort of agreed about the last thing he posted.


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