Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear Renee Ellmers...

Dear Renee,

You have been fooled. Or we have been fooled. I am so confused! 

I remember getting an invitation to a fundraiser for you in 2010 at a certain Sanford citizen's home here in Sanford, NC. To just come to the event, I had to fork out alot of dough.  My hubby and I chose to write you a smaller check. Sorry.  But the good old boys here in our Old North State and county had been milking all they could out of me and I was a bit more worried about putting food on my table.  I hope you understand.

We did, though, spend endless hours putting up your signs. Many were stolen and we had to keep putting them up.  The "code enforcers" were not happy that your signs were beside Bobby's.  I have yet to meet these caring individuals.  Oh well, let me continue.

I wanted you to know a little tidbit that I found out just the other day.  After all, you are up for re-election.  Apparently some at that 2010 party were not as fond of you as they were of your opponent.  You must not have impressed the crowd.  Because this information is on the Federal Elections Committee website, it's public information.  Therefore it can be distributed and talked about. My intention is to distribute the public information and to let others decide.  Not to hurt anyone.  But to make sure the obscene becomes the obvious.

That being said, for sure you have seen it. But if not, here you go.  Bobby "Boom Boom" Etheridge got more than you in 2010 from this one source!  Yes mam.  Bobby got a $1000 and you got $500. Yep look at this screenshot:


The same people that gave you money to fight Bobby, gave him money that was, (I can't be sure, just using deductive reasoning) probably used for those ads against you. Heck, the way DC works it might have barely been enough to buy the appetizer at the dinner Bobby attended the night he was found on the street fussing at the two kids.  Whew DC is expensive!

Now I am a conservative.  I believe in freedom of speech, Constitution, and all that.  And I believe that we all should have no qualms about how we spend our money.  It's ok to give our money wherever and to whomever we want.  We, not sure how long it will last, have that right.

My problem is the conservatives, Renee, here in Lee County are fighting a war with those who claim to be conservative or should I say "Republicans", but behind close doors do things that this girl, I only speak for me, just doesn't seem right. My opinion.  Some won't agree.  That's ok.  The conservatives are under massive attack with political ads being funded by a group with members that I am pretty positive you met on that day in 2010.  Every good old boys and girls club likes to mingle with those in politics.  That's nothing you don't already know. 

But Geez!! It's hard enough fighting the liberals but when those in your "own" party go after you it's freaking tough!  You've seen it Renee.  I don't mind admitting there are some things you've been involved with that make me angry, for lack of a better term. And  I still to this day do not understand why you agreed to HR 347. But that's another letter to come.

Bottom line, this is America.  Every day there are opportunities to do right or wrong. It's their choice. Their money.  Not mine. But when they give to Bobby "Who are you?" right after holding a fundraiser for you, I just can't sit by and not voice my opinion.   The First Amendment applies to me as well!

Just an added note:  I see you have already received $500 for this election. (see link above and look at 2012 contributions).  Would you please buy some signs for Lee County?  I haven't seen a single Ellmers for Congress one around!  Don't take our vote for granted like certain individuals I know.

Anyway, I know I need to end this letter because  you're pretty busy in DC. Who has time to listen to this little blogger when you're a Congresswoman?? 

Whatever!  I want to leave you with some words of wisdom.  I had a really sweet mama that I never appreciated like I should have until she passed away.  I miss her so much.  My mama would tell me in her little southern voice if she was still here, "That's just politics, sweetheart.  Some play fair. Some don't. Get a good night's sleep.  There will be more to come."  Boy, was that woman right!

Good luck with your campaign!



Randall Lee Yow said...

Dear Congresswoman Ellmers,

You spent $1,097.51 at the Capitol Hill Club on over six different occasions. Are you using your campaign funds to live like a Washington fat cat. You could try to claim it was for fundraising, but one of the checks was for $26.61. That is not a fundraiser that is a bar tab.

I also do not understand the money that was spent on lodging in Park City, Utah. Congresswoman you spent 3,505.68 for three people to stay at the Stein Erikson Resort and Ski Lodge. Did you take campaign money and us it to take a Christmas vacation?

Is this why you have to take money from all of these different PACs, like the Turkish Coalition of New Jersey. Are you using contributions to support your new upper class establishment life style?

-Randall Lee Yow

Why are you spending all of your time getting booed in Moore County. Please come to Lee County, we will be just as happy to boo you here.

Linda said...

Congresswoman Elmers: My sister, Sheila Barber has opened my eyes to politics, what is happening, who to vote for and who not to vote for. She has done her homework. I know for a fact, she worked hard for you and this is how you thank your supporters. I for one, was glad when you beat Etheridge. But now you are up in Washington and my husband told me that it would be a matter of time you would be just like one of the boys in Congress and we sure have found out. Did I make a mistake in voting for you, when it comes to Etheridge, heck no, but my husband told me the other night: I told you so.

Sheila Barber said...

Interesting Randall.

Sheila Barber said...

Would you also ask Moss and the BOE members why they went to San Fran to find out how to run things in NC (3000 miles away)?

Thanks. I look forward to their response.

Especially since they are stalling on a FOIA I sent in a week ago!


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