Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Four Years Later

Good morning, Friends!  What's in your cup this morning? I have BJ's Ethiopian Blend. It's so smooth.  You should come by for a cup!

I imagine most of you see my title and think it's another column about Obama.  Well, not exactly.  But there's always some conservative byline or principle in my writing.  You see four years ago today, my life changed drastically.  Little did I know that I would fall in love again.  No didn't divorce my hubby.  Been his wife for almost 30 years. Still love the old geezer.  Ha ha. 

What happened was:  sugarbear was born.  Today, is my grandson's 4th birthday. Memaw's life has never been the same.  And neither has nana's, GG's, Pa's, Poppy's, Papa's, and Great-Grandma Mary's.   And while he sleeps peacefully down the hall, surrounded by Lady, Blue, Mommy Bunny, Baby bunny, Mommy's kitty cat and my dog, Dallas, I sit here sipping coffee and smile.

I'm smiling because, ok here's the conservatism coming out...he represents the hope and change for America.   And I hope,with all my might and whatever wisdom I have gained from my life experiences and trust in God, that sugarbear's generation will learn and appreciate what made America who she is.  It's obvious the current one doesn't.  They want everything for nothing.  They feel they have a right to take what's yours and mine.  That attitude is coming straight from the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. 

But Friends, America has not died.  America has not forgotten her brothers and sisters who perished to keep her free.  America has just taken a detour.  Time to re-route this great country.  Time to make it so sugarbear and all the others his age will grow up free to be whatever they want to be.

Happy Birthday, Sugarbear!

Love, Memaw


Linda said...

Children are a gift from God as you said sis. I will become a grandma again by the end of this month. I pray for such a healthy child and God's angels to watch over him, his mom and my son, Stephen. I can't wait to get me some sugar from my little Sugarbear also. Love ya sis.

Sheila said...

Amazing what a little package can do to change perspective. He is so worth all we do to inform those in this world to just think and wake up!

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