Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Not What You Do in Public, Mr. Joyce...

It's what happens behind closed doors that matters!

“It has been frequently remarked, that it seems to have been reserved to the people of this country to decide, by their conduct and example, the important question, whether societies of men are really capable or not, of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend, for their political constitutions, on accident and force.” Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers

So I was riding around with sugarbear and my hubby this afternoon looking for Skylanders.  Those are characters that go with the Skylanders game for Wii, XBox 360, Nintendo 3DS, and PS3 consoles.   ( And it's freaking addictive!!

But classic tale of good guys vs bad guys.  These characters are just so cute - and named so strangely:  Trigger Happy (my favorite who shoots without thinking), Stump Smash, Gill Grunt, Wrecking ball, and many others.  They kill the bad guys just like the Avengers: Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor (who is down right gorgeous)! And I mean drop dead, rugged, let me be a damsel in distress, gorgeous!  Girls, go see the movie.  You'll know what I mean.   

Rarely do you find heroes of that calibur. Rarely!

Anyway, every time I see a movie or get into a game of good vs evil, REAL people come to mind.  Heroes  like: Ronald Reagan, any soldier fighting for me, any officer who puts their lives on the lines each day for my safety, the fire and rescue units who went into burning buildings on 9/11, any Veteran,  George Washington, my mama, and of course, PA!  You get the gist, I'm sure.

Heroes are the same on Monday as they are on Sunday.  They live by their principles and they are graceful in battle.    They are not two-faced!

President Obama is not one of my heroes. I don't think he can distinguish the truth anymore.  He says one day that his Christian faith tells him he must be for one man/one woman as marriage.  And then last week comes out and says his Christian faith tells him the exact opposite!  He tells us the wealthy are horrible.  Cheaters.  Strip the poor of all they got.  Then turns around and chums with Clooney and others in Hollywood.  The last I checked Clooney wasn't poor. He continually tells me my America is harsh, restrictive, and that I am a racist.  He doesn't know me nor my America at all. That's why he's trying to change it.  He is a "do as I say and not as I do guy".  Nope.  Doesn't meet the standards.

Same thing with alot of people.  The truth doesn't matter.  Just winning and destroying everything in their way.  Leftists, liberals, Democrats and even some of  those that pretend to be Republicans - national, state and local levels.  Some are cheaters.  Some are liars.  Some  scream Republicans want to turn us back 50 years, starve our kids, make our citizens eat dog food, deny blacks anything (which is a bald face lie), etc.  Yet it's their very policies that harm our citizens.  The left keeps their people financially and emotionally poor. 
Why they keep getting the support they do boggles my mind.

And to boot...Brat Pac members, some who claim to be Republicans, put their names behind an attack ad and then they are praised and glorified, as in today's article by the Chamber of Commerce President.  Bob..did you read the paper at all for the month of April and May?  Did you not see how LEED's Founding Fathers acted?  Is that how YOU act, Mr. Joyce?  I sure hope not.  I've heard good things...please don't ruin that.

 It wasn't too long ago that an editorial in the Herald said this:

Founding members Chet Mann and Kirk Bradley have talked about LEED in terms of bipartisanship and positive messaging, which is refreshing. They say LEED will focus more on issues than individual candidates. But it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that at least some of the motivation of LEED’s creators is to provide a counterweight to what’s taking part in the (for lack of a better term) more extreme wing of the Lee County Republican Party, whose stated and implied goals can pretty much be summed up this way: on the county level, to do away with the Lee County Economic Development Corporation and end economic incentives for industries, and on the school level, to part company with Lee County Schools Superintendent Jeff Moss and trim education spending.

Somewhere along the way, the gloves have come off in Lee County politicking and campaigning. LEED seems to be promising a softer approach.

"We think both sides have agendas that don't lend themselves to solving local problems," says Bradley. "We think having a bipartisan committee focused on positive economic development and support for education is a message that needs to be put out there and heard."

Well that has all been made mute.  Wonder how "refreshing" the Herald's Editor sees them now?  Yea, the LEED Brat Pac spent alot of money for those ads.  And business is business.  I don't blame the Herald one bit for publishing.  What I do have a beef with is how some of us were treated on their website yet they left those comments out there for the world to see. That's after getting several emails stating reasons why they should take them down.  

 That being said, maybe Bob Joyce, who is suppose to be a representative of all businesses, and frankly all citizens in Lee County, as Chamber President, can come over to The Brew and tell us how Mr. Bradley, after helping to finance the attack ads on the GOP candidates and Commissioner Womack,  can still be such a fine person?  Why should we trust him or anyone of the other good old boys club members?   Is it another case of "good intentions"?  Sorry not buying it.  Mr. Bradley may have done some good things in the light.  You know when people were watching.  (We all like glory.) But its the stuff you do in the dark that really defines you.  Readers, just go to the right, under the RightOnline! banner and open the  LEED donors file.  See who is financing them.  There will be another REQUIRED report in June.  We'll find out many others and will report them.  The Fresh Brew has no intention on staying silent.  But Mr. Bradley is one of them.  That my friends is someone I sure don't want as a friend.

Mr. Joyce states in the Herald's "Expo" article that he owes a special thanks to him.  That any honor this man gets is well deserved.  That Mr. Bradley has been a champion for business, for Lee County, "has deep concern for our community's competitiveness", etc.  Let's see I believe Mr. Joyce says, and I quote from Sunday, 20 May, Sanford Herald article (must buy paper to read),  "We have been blessed over the years with strong leaders in Lee County. Kirk Bradley adds to that legacy of leadership as one who guides by example as well as by intellect and passion."  If you call using character assassination on a sitting commissioner who isn't even running and characterize our candidates as nothing more than robots, an example of leadership and guiding by example, then I want nothing to do with it!  My mama would preach that man to his senses if she was still alive! 

But don't take my word.  Here's a reminder of "the honorable citizen" actions:

  Frankly, Mr. Bradley the actions I am aware of do not warrant praise of heroic heights.  Heroes  and esteemed citizens do not act one way in public and another behind closed doors.  Heroes are honorable.  Heroes do not participate in the politics of personal destruction.  Simply put:  They are not hypocrites.

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