Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rules for Letters to the Editor!

So friends,  if you want any of your letters to the editor of Sanford Herald published follow the guidelines below.  I am posting them here because not every one has a subscription.  It could be one less bill for me but I like to know what's going on in the community.  And I write frequent letters to the editor.  If you don't speak up, who will??  Watch your words carefully.  Be prepared to get irate replies back.  Be prepared for you letter to get extreme scrutiny.  It's par for the course.

And I have heard on numerous occasions that letters are not getting published.  Therefore, being who I am I asked about that.  I asked for the rules and any policy changes.  I was basically told "I wasn't telling the truth" because I wouldn't reveal who  said it.  I didn't take too kindly to that. But that happens quite often when  you put yourself out front and confront the issues.  My intentions were to find the truth.  Case was definitely lost.  So be it.

 Anyway, here are the rules.  Follow them.  And since the Herald is the only other way besides this blog, the other political one in town, and Social Sanford's, for finding out what's really happening in  town, if you can, buy a paper subscription (sometimes they have 2 for 1 deals) or get online access,  But write your letters.  Make your voice heard.  And do not care who it offends.  You just might change somebody's mind.  We have a country to save. 

That being said follow these instructions taken directly from the Herald (taken from Opinion page in Friday's newspaper):

1)  Each letter must contain the writer's full name, address, and phone number for verification.
 2) Anonymous letters and those signed with fictitious names will not be published.
3) Please limit letters to 350 words unless in response to another letter, column, or editorial.
4) Mail letters to:  Editor, The Sanford Herald, PO Box 100, Sanford, NC  27331; or take to the office.
My recommendations!!
Email it.  Put your name, address and phone number in the email as well.
Do not just send the email to RV Hight, Copy Mr. Horner, And find a trusted friend that will allow you to use their email and copy them too.  Copy not blindcopy. This is just in case the email gets lost. 
Trust me on this one.

Oh if you don't see your letter published within a week, ask why.  The Editors state to please contact them at 919-708-9000 or by email because they say they publish every letter to the editor they receive.


Keith Clark said...

There are many important issues at each level of government and all areas of life. I endorse Shelia's encouragement to all to participate. One more bit of advice. Don't go online to read the anonymous posts. They have little credibility in the community and only a few have sufficient resources to justify a suit for libel.

Keith Clark

Sheila said...

Good advice.

Dale Marks said...

I posted three letters to the editor on the LEED pac. None were published.

I received an email from Mr Hight on one asking me to cut back on wording. I responded to him I would. I then re-submitted two more times. None were published.

I engaged Mr Horner in an email which is still in my system asking him to please not ban my letter writing privileges as it appeared Mr Hight had done.

I also had complained several occasions about being called names on comments. I was told none were received. Now they are saying no letters received????? Something is either very wrong with their system or something else going on. I stand behind every word I have stated! DALE MARKS

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