Friday, May 11, 2012

Time to Go!

The title of my post "Time to Go" relates to my job. 

You see, I work for the government, the county government.  It seems I can't get away from government.  I come to work and see the wrong that is done.  I turn on the TV and see the wrong that is done.  I use to hear people speak of you will never know how crooked the government is until you are employed by the government. 

Oh boy, I could write a book on how government workers get away with murder.  How they abuse the system among other things. 

Now, I'm not saying I ain't guilty of some things and I guess God looks at whatever you do as: a sin is a sin in his eyes.  So I know I will have to ask for forgiveness and boy I already have, everyday.   I sue to keep a journal here at work on one person and her activities when it comes to work.  I use to tell her that she needed to back up and get her paycheck, because if I was her I could not face them and take that check with a clear conscious.  No wonder the public has a bad taste in their mouth about government workers, I see first hand how crooked some can be.  But, I do have to say it is hard not to judge all state employees that way, there are some that do their job and do it well.  My mom taught me that and I can pat myself on the back. 

But does government do that, no way.  Look how our government has mismanaged our money, wasted our money, given our money to other countries when they have neglected their own people.  I have come to believe that over here in America, you are just a number, no more than a herd of cattle that will be sent out to slaughter.  My husband has told me numerous times to stop letting it bother me because there is nothing I can do about it.  If someone is misusing money, misusing time at their work, they will have to stand before the Almighty and answer for it.  But it doesn't help me in getting upset.  We as humans, want to see the punishment now, but that is not the way God works.  It is his time, not our time.

I use to never and I mean never care about our government, but as I have gotten older and my sis, Sheila Barber has kept me updated and informed on the issues that I need to be aware of, I speak my mind about things, especially our government.  I feel so sorry for our kids, our grandkids.  What will the world be like when they are grown.   The politicians are so out of touch with the regular working Joe.  Oh how I wish i could be in the presense of some of them.  This little woman would give them a piece of her mind. One good thing about getting older is you ain't scared anymore to voice your opinion to whomever, but I do know there is a correct place and time.

Well, my sis told me she hadn't seen any blogs from me lately so while I am sitting here at the computer reading The Drudge Report (and of course, pulling my hair out) I thought I would do something positive for the afternoon.  Yes, the reputation of government employees is that they can not be found at their jobs on a Friday and you are correct.  You can set your clock by that, I know I can.  As usual, I am sitting here by myself and just waiting for 5 pm to arrive.  I finished my work before noon today.  I need to learn to pace myself.

I hope all of you mothers have a wonderful day.  I sure hope I get to see my new grandson, Zachary Ty Creech born on April 13, 2012.  Gosh, he's beautiful.  I forget though,as Sheila does, they are our grandkids, not our sons or daughters but she and I don't care.  We know what's best, right Sis.


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