Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Sad Day In America

Lying in bed this morning I heard Rush Radio talking about reelection of Charlie Rangel.  My mouth flew open and of course my response was: "You have got to be kidding".  I always ask the same question, how could this be.  But then I realized that he won the election again because of the sad, no educated people who follow this man.  Apparantly he promised them the world: food stamps, free 250 minute cell phones if they vote for him.  Oh to be controlled by material things and I would not hesitate to say food stamps and 250 minute free cell phones does not rock my world like it does for the pitiful human beings voting for this crook.

As I told my husband, you think they were bused in during Obama's election, you ain't seen nothing yet.  Trailways will be over heated for busing the blacks to vote in this upcoming election.  I thank the Lord he gave me brains to think for myself and not let a human being rule my life.  Should I feel sorry for the citizens of the US who keep letting someone lead them by a string, not at all.  We all have the choice to make the right decision.  That comes from being educated on events in the world and not relying on someone else to do it for us.  So those of you who love wollering in poverty, wollering with the dogs, getting those food stamps (selling them on the side), getting that free cell phone, go right ahead.  I choose to make my own decisions and not vote crooks back into office.


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