Friday, June 1, 2012

Is Everything a 'Fundamental Right' now?

     According to Erike Younge, writer at the One Step Away, a newspaper which represents the voice of the city’s homeless in Philadelphia, “feeding people and serving the needs of the people is a fundamental right. And to ban it or to oppose it and not to work to solve this problem is unconstitutional and inhumane.”

Read article here:
Philadelphia Begins Enforcement of Ban on Outdoor Feeding Programs

     I understand Mr. Younge's frustration with Philadelphia's ban on outdoor feeding programs, but this is NOT an issue of fundamental rights or the constitution.  His comments are more evidence that much of the citizenry of the U.S. is unaware of what the constitution actually says.  


Sheila Barber said...

I thought the Democrats claimed to be the party that cares? Its the people that have charity in their heart that want to do this.

I bet he would let those nasty occupiers be fed.


Dale Marks said...

Another example of how the liberals have disdain for the constitution. Liberals believe the government can force society to confront its ills, and enforce its cures.

Liberals base their ideology on emotion,and ideals.

They have forsaken the textual, and historical foundations of the document of the constitution in favor of judicially decreed "rights"

It is one thing to cherish the "rights" set forth by our Bill of Rights. But to attempt to create rights out of the entire cloth of the constitution turns the law on its head.

This is why Madison spoke of "auxiliary restraints" to the constitution

Nancy Vest said...

Agreed, Dale.

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