Monday, June 4, 2012

Ultimate Hypocrisy!

Our purpose here at the Fresh Brew is to make the obscene the obvious.  And it's to show pure hypocrisy wherever it may exist.  Trust me hypocrisy is everywhere! 

There are many on the left screaming citizens will be hurt if Voter ID laws are enacted.  I mean come on...those of us who do things right and who want to ensure elections are free from fraud are just so mean.  Why in the world would we think there's any fraud at all?  Could it be that we never saw the miracle of people rising from the dead to vote?  Geez...

I challenge you to do this:  Find a Democratic business owner in town and try to write a check without showing IDs at his/her place of business .  Go to one of those fine Prime Lending establishments  and try to open an account.  Tell them if you don't need an ID to vote, you don't need an ID to open an account.  Go to the Hampton Inn and try to rent a room and tell them since you don't need an ID to vote  you don't need one to rent a room.  Let's just see how far you'll get.  Hypocrisy!  But that's not the best example. 

From the party who preaches disenfranchisement about Voter IDs, comes this on page 14 of the Massachusetts Democratic Convention Program:

"Registration and Credentials

The document is on the right under Google Docs.  I'm not making this up.  Didn't Dumpling Bev require photo IDs at one of her fundraisers?  Oh yes she did. 

Ultimate hypocrisy if I've ever see it!

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Nancy Vest said...

It boggles my mind. I cannot see any logic that leads to a conclusion of citizens being hurt by voter ID laws. I grew up in VA and then lived in MD before moving to NC. Both states require ID to vote.

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