Friday, July 13, 2012

Bill Signed it...Barack Trashed it!

While the left did everything in their power yesterday to distract YOU from the campaign being about getting rid of the dictator, the dictator himself trashed the Welfare to Work Program that was a signature piece of legislation under the Clinton Administration.  Did you hear?  Of course not. 

Don't go looking in today's Sanford Herald either.  They were more interested in the evil Romney and if he lied to the SEC. The story has already been debunked.  But don't call St. Clair Court and let them know.  Ugh!

That being said,  the Welfare to Work program has worked.  And to have a Democratic President kill a another Democratic President's legislation should show every one of you how deceiving and disastrous Barack Hussein Obama really is.  Clinton may have vetoed it several times but he signed it nevertheless.  And it's been intact ever since.  Click the pic below to go to the article.

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