Thursday, July 12, 2012

Government Employees Affected Also

I just read the blog about how a Mayor cut the wages of law enforcement officers, fireman, etc and even his salary to mininum wage.  I read over and over how when the government gets involved things just usually mess up.  I agree with that statement whole heartily.  Most of the citizens I have listened to and talked with despise government and government workers. 

Government workers have gained a reputation of being lazy, overpaid and abuse the system.  That is true but I am here to set the record straight on one of those government employees, my husband.  He has been employed with a branch of the government for 27 years.  His job consist of being on call every other weekend (sometimes every weekend), fighting fires in north carolina and has fought alot of them in other states.  There were times when he was out west fighting them and was away for 2 or more weeks in a row.  He has pulled so many overtime hours, and there was a time he was not compensated a bit for all the overtime.  Until one day he got fed up with it and the new employees who come on board now can thank him and others for standing up for their rights.

We hear nothing but how important education is and it is thrown down our throats, but the government think that the teachers are the only ones who work so hard, have so much to put up with and should be compensated.  Then, lets take those teachers, put them infront of a roaring fire, work 12 or more hours a day for a period of 2 weeks or more; arise at 5:00 am each morning to be briefed about the duties each day, just get a thrown together bag lunch and send them on their way to stand outside in the 90 degree weather and fight the fires (and I am not talking about a house fire), this is a forest fire.

The men with this government organization have been ran over, looked over for so many years and it hurts them and bothers them to think that their government only cares about teachers.  Moral is very low, but they keep going to these fires, doing their jobs because that is what they do.

So working for the government isn't a picnic also.  I can only speak for one employee I know personally who works for the government and he takes his responsibilities seriously.  Oh there are times he doesn't want to leave home to go to a fire, but he tells me that is his job and he must do it or else he will be looking for another job.

So we can say that when government gets involved in private affairs and when they surely are involved in government affairs, there are more who are affected than people know.  Take it from a woman who sees it first hand.  I also work for government, but this lady ain't gonna brag about it, because I see first hand the waste.  I can see the (as some folks say) the short rows to retirement.  Thank the Lord!



Anonymous said...

but according to your talking points it's the lazy overpaid public sector that's to blame for all of our issues........funny when the chickens come home to roost how you react, let's face it your husband sleeps more while at work than most people do in their own beds, according to those you promote on this site. don't worry when the repubs take over, bankrupt the cities and leave it's retire's on the hook he can go out and compete in the job market when he's in his 60's rather than collecting a decent retirement check he worked 25-30 years to secure.............keep pushing mr. romney and the retirment you're counting on will be like most of the jobs he created, outsoursed to a cheaper country!! "A"

Sheila said...

I see A is back.

Sorry dear... You're a bit late to the game. Your leftist friends have already bankrupted the country.

And you know better than to say those on this site are against all government employees. Just another bunch of lies you're spewing.

But then again...we don't expect logical discussions from the left. They don't have anymore!

Sorry..did I miss you saying we all were felons here? That we couldn't win a dogcatcher position? Your idol is spewing that out.

One more least you know who we are. You don't have the courtesy to divulge who you are. Says alot doesn't it?

Sheila said...

Outsourced for cheaper labor? Again you're a little late.

Your spokeswoman Debbie blabber mouth, PBO's right hand person, Val, and many others, oh Pelosi all invested in companies that outsourced!

Isn't your accusation a little of "the pot calling the kettle black"? You liberals are hilarious.

Tell me A, how is it that you can support a man who has caused the unemployment of his own race to skyrocket? Bush's fault? The white man's fault? My fault?Is that all you've got? Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

what is your plan for retirement? are you counting on what may not be there? if you think the retired employee's in california are the only one's that will feel the pain of losing what they were certain to recieve, what they thought they were entitled to you'd better wake up fast. i haven't accused anyone of a felony nor did i bring up unemployment, fact is you better be worried as the writing is on the wall regarding the retirement benefits of public sector employee's. tax cuts and austarity measures have a price, your family may just be asked to pay by forgoing some retirement benefits.

taxpayers can't be expected to prop up retired public sector workers while their income continues to lag, the legacy cost of police/fire/education employee's is unsustainable and we may just need to ask them to live on a little less. we can't expect the job creators to flourish without easing the tax burden, including property taxes local municipalities count on to lure industry as well as pay out to retired workers. see how easy the talking points are........"A"

Sheila said...

"A" my actually have some great points.

I cannot argue with that second paragraph at all. I am not a public sector employee. I work for a private enterprise. The author of the post is. And it is a catch 22, so to speak.

Linda - ball's in your court. You might want to explain to A (not where you work) but what you really were referring to and where you are coming from - as in you've worked in public service and why your views are what they are. "A" is looking at the bigger picture. And if anyone needs to look further - California is a perfect example.


Linda said...

Can anyone else who has read this post by me tell me if i put all blame on the public sector. I don't think I did. I tried to get across that not only does the private sector treat employees wrong, the government does also. Anonymous said that my husband sleeps more while at work than most people do in their own beds. Excuse me, did you not read what I wrote my husband does for a living, but anyone who writes a comment and is to chicken liver yellow to sign their name, then that speaks enough. I need not say anything else about Anonymous. And you think the repubs will bankrupt the country. Lord, Lord, here we go again, blame it on Bush! I thank the Lord God gave me brains, somehow sugar Anonymous you must have been sleeping at your job. You got guts to tell us where you work, I bet not. Is it maintenance, picking up trash, sounds like that is right up your alley.

Oh and you stating something about my husbands retirement, he want have to look for a job in his 60's, he will be pulling his retirement and if it comes to him having to get another job, he already has that lined up. LOL, can we say: Brains, boys and girls.

Anonymous, why do you have an attitude. Turn it over to the Lord, he will help you. Don't hold a grudge, it isn't healthy.

Have a wonderful day, whoever you are.

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