Sunday, September 16, 2012

ALERT! Alleged Voter Registration Misdeeds!

The FBC has come to know that suspicions are starting to arise from citizens who registered with the folks canvassing the Sanford Walmart parking lot. (founded and funded by George Soros) sent people out to register voters across the nation.  It is possible this left-wing organization was locally registering voters.

That being said, it is  highly probable that anyone who registered Republican will not find their names when they show up November 6!  In other words, someone "happened to fail to turn in the forms".  One such case is alleged to have occurred in Lee County.  It is imperative to get the word out that  new voters should check with the State Board of Elections to see where their registration is in the process.

If your name is not found at this link:
 immediately notify your county Board of Elections or your local GOP HQ to find out further information on how to be re-registered.  We must fight voter fraud at every corner.  The FBC is not accusing of voter fraud (as we have carefully used the word "alleged"), but simply notifying the citizens to be proactive and responsible concerning anything with voter registrations. 

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