Monday, September 17, 2012

Some Good News on Constitution Day...

Beck has an excellent graph up this morning about polling. It's as we suspected - Democrats are over sampled on almost all of them.  The NBC/WSJ poll that showed 0% support for Romney among blacks should have ticked all of us off.  The CNN poll, when you look inside and check the demographics, showed Dems oversampled by about 9%.

So what's Obama's record....  High unemployment, high job losses, gas prices $2 more a gallon than in Jan 2009, bowing to other countries, denigrating God,  supporting abortion, class warfare, chaos in foreign policy, cover up after cover up....No incumbent can naturally beat this.  Let's get the word out...Truth is good news.

This Graph Shows Why Obama Is Ahead in the Polls

Ever since the arguably skewed CNN poll of a few weeks back, conservative voters have been looking at the methodology of polling companies with an increasing amount of skepticism. The fact that most polls have used a model that tries to mimic the voter turnout in 2008, when Democrats beat Republican turnout by 7 points (as opposed to presidential elections like 2004, where turnout between the two parties was relatively even), has not improved this state of affairs.

And now, the suspicion of poll bias appears to have yet one more piece of evidence to support it. Via a tweet by anonymous poll analyst NumbersCruncher comes the following graph showing the degree of oversampling of Democrats employed by the most recent polls (all of which show Obama leading Romney):
Graph of Democrat Oversampling Shows Media Polls Skewed Toward Obama
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