Thursday, September 20, 2012

State Department Hides Security Firm Detail!

Let's call this "Obama's Watergate".  Lies. Lies. And more lies.  The major difference between this and Nixon's is "people died".  Just like Fast and Furious.  People have died.

Ok all of you MSM...including the local media in your area...REPORT THE TRUTH!

Why isn't the American people being ?  Go to your local newspaper and ask what agenda do they have?  Is it to save America or save Obama?  Go to St. Clair Court and ask why these stories are coming out only because of citizen journalists, bloggers, Breitbart, Beck, Rush, etc, and not headlined on the front page of our local paper?   Our citizens deserve to know what's happening in the rest of the world.  Lee County citizens do.   All of NC does.  Delegating it to a column or two in the back of  Section 1 doesn't show the full extent of the seriousness of the issue.   Americans are dying!  And not only that....

This is our national security being breached and recklessly handled!!

I think this discovery is so relevant because of research I've been doing.  If you delve into how American Recovery Act funds were distributed, how our schools were funded with "shovel ready" money to buy "products", where Katrina grants landed in NC (yea NC!), there would be no doubt that hiding critical information like this is the norm!  Sad but this has happened for many decades.

State Department Contract Hid Identity of British Firm Providing Benghazi Security


Breitbart News has learned that the State Department hid the identity and nationality of Blue Mountain Group, the British firm it hired to provide "no bullets" security at Benghazi, in the federal contract it signed with that organization in February 2012. 

Breitbart News obtained a copy of the official summary of the contract by performing a search at the Federal Procurement Data System website, a link provided by's Danger Room.
Blue Mountain Group was not identified as the vendor in that summary of the contract. Instead, the vendor was listed under the vague term "Miscellaneous Foreign Awardee."


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