Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tatum the TaxMan

Can't help it.  When I see the News and Disturber write honestly, we  have to spread the news.  See the article below.  Tatum wants every one to believe he's for cutting red tape and freeing up businesses.  Well dear Bill why did you think it was "A OK" to milk every Lee County taxpayer at anytime for every dime for the Lee County School System?  See those of you in other really need to ask those of us in Lee about Bill before you vote for him.  We haven't trusted our school board in years.  Until we can yank control from the Democrats, we may never trust them.   

When questions were presented to the board as to why the Lee County Board of Education wanted $7.9 million yet settled for $500,000 and the buses still went down the road, middle school sports didn't get cut,  and Moss got a nice fat guarantee we'd always pay for him (signed contracts tell a story)...BILL nor JEFF nor JOHN nor LINDA nor LYNN would respond.  An increase like $7.9 million meant our property taxes would go up!  To this day, they will not be truthful with us.  Question Bill!  If he won't come out in a small town board and level with the citizens, why do you think he would if he went to Raleigh?  Note:  all politics start locally. 

Anyway, the Tatum Brat Pac,  "Tatum, Williams, Bonardi, Linda Smith, Lynn Smith, and Jeff Moss" didn't care.  The other Brat Pac (Board of Commissioners as in Oldham, Hayes, Reives, and Paschall),  simply said..."You want it?  No problem.  Here's a check.  Oh don't worry...the citizens are just peasants."  Well not Ed.  Richard Hayes actually  held his arm up sometimes on a vote!   And then there's the  third Brat Pac,  which many of the above are members, LEED PAC, who went right along with them, too.

When questioned why a third grade class was petitioned to send letters to a Representative Mike Stone, whose daughter just happened to be in that class,  and who is Tatum's opponent for House 51, Tatum and company supported Superintendent Moss and the teacher...lock, stock and barrel.  It was wrong to ask a little girl to write a letter basically stating,  "Daddy we need more money or EOG testing just won't happen".  How low can you get?  See the video at:

There have been some shoddy deals made.  It is no secret that teachers were dealt a heavy hand when the board gave approval to Paul Gay Insurance to carry the supplemental insurance for the LCSS staff, and discounted other proposals.  Instead of giving the staff options, they went with the same person who has had the contract for over 20 years.  The same insurance company bearing the name of  the same person who is honored as Lee Senior's "Paul Gay Stadium". Read more about this in Carmen Ledford's letter to the editor published Friday (click here).  We're also wondering about those paving deals made for Lee Senior.  Quite amazing that the taxpayers are on the hook for $24 million plus and "paving" is left out.  Really, Jeff? Who got the contract? 

And then there's this $9.4 million (that I have found so far) received by the American Recovery Act.  Folks, this stimulus passed by Obama and his totally controlled Congress in gave more money to education and government than any hardware store to buy those freaking shovels needed.  Check out this.  Lee County Schools is continued on another page.  Check the link out.


Shovel-ready and school figure it out.  But I didn't hear any tooting of that from Lee County BOE members.  Nope..stayed quietly under the radar.  I wonder what else is going on behind the closed doors?  I bet Lynn Smith is spending like crazy.  
If we can ever get transparency from our school board...we'll truly find out whose heart or rather whose wallet ...matters.   Bill's all about taxing and your money so he can have power.  Just the Democrat's in their blood.  It's carved into their genes.  It's your money and they want it.  Dang it you better not complain or you'll hear "its for the children"!

So trust me when we say...Tatum the taxman...we mean it. 

Democratic candidate wants to make tax overhaul a legislative campaign issue

Tatum, who lives in Sanford, faces Republican incumbent Mike Stone, who he says votes "in lock step with the GOP leadership."

Matt Bales, the political director for the House GOP, said Tatum is the one with the "trust" issue after he supported a pay hike for the Lee County schools superintendent as he cut teachers and teaching assistants. "When you have nothing but a failed record of wasteful government spending and a 'broad sense of distrust,' one must resort to baseless claims," Bales said in a statement, quoting a local newspaper editorial.

Instead of the tax code overhaul, Tatum proposes "getting a handle on bureaucratic regulations, cutting through red tape and freeing up businesses to make a profit.

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