Friday, September 14, 2012

The Muslim Within...

Listen to this...The President of the United States declaring how great Islam is.  Listen to him state America will never be at war with Islam.  Note I must have missed him saying Islam will never be at war with America! If you do hear it, let me know the minute mark!

 Listen to him speak collectively to the Muslim community of how their arts, their culture, their leadership in education and peaceful nature is what defines them and makes them great.

Why doesn't he feel this way about America?

I imagine there are wonderful Muslims around the world.  Many that condemn what has happened to Americans. I imagine there are many who are happy America is who she is.  But Islam isn't peaceful.  You would think the President would see this and maybe would if he wasn't the "First Fan of the Muslim Brotherhood".   

But while you listen to this video and the proclamations of our President, remember the innocent lives murdered this week.  Remember too that the buck stops with the President.

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