Friday, September 28, 2012

Walter Dalton Plays the Race Card!

When you're behind in the polls...what do you do?  Oh yes you play the race card.  But wait, Walter is white.  Shame on Walter.  Shame on him.  Nothing left.  Except prison I guess.  He seems to be one of a very few of Bev's associates that are not criminals.   Hope he isn't one of them.

Walter if you are the person best for African Americans and minorities, why has NC's unemployment consistently been high?  Don't you know they need jobs too?  Or is that just an "election" concern?  Walter, also, you should sit down and look at our gas prices.  I know gas is nothing of a concern to you, after all you are part of a party that stole from the DOT funds that our gas tax supplies.  But Mr. Walter...NC has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.  But you're for the little guy, yea I know.  

Walter,  maybe you can explain why your partner there on Blount Street, decided it was ok to approve removing the gas cap and making the threshold  29 cents per gallon instead of keeping it as the cap limit.  But you're for mom and pop.  Yea I know.

Walter overwhelmingly the voters wanted Amendment 1.  So why are you hosting a fundraiser event with the LGBT community?  

LGBT heavyweights hold fundraiser for Dalton
Members of the gay and lesbian community will be hosting a fundraiser for Walter Dalton this coming Sunday at the home of furniture maker Mitchell Gold.

So I guess the 60-70% of us who wanted marriage to be defined between one man and one women don't matter?  Yea right.

Walter you're a hypocrite.  And you are using the worst form of political posturing when you use race.  But that's what happen when you have no other place to go.

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