Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yeah that's called an act of war

President Obama, just what do you intend to do with this government that is willing to pay six figures for the death of an American? I hope you realize that this is not an acceptable thing for a nation to do. They have shown us a portion of their kill list, and I for one hope you intend to do something about it.

"The American who produced the sacrilegious film in the U.S. is also liable to death and we will shower dollars on the one who killed the blasphemer. If members of the banned militant organizations kill the maker of the blasphemous movie, they will also be rewarded," Bilour announced.


Nancy said...

Lovely, just lovely. Please note my sarcasm.

Sheila Barber said...

Obama has his own kill list. It's not what will Obama do, but rather why he didn't defend an American citizen supposedly protected by the Constitution he swore to defend!

dale marks said...

The Media will probably lead the militants to his house. Take pictures of his body, and run a story on how he deserved it.

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