Monday, October 29, 2012

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

Surely you all know the phrase "Dumb as a bag of hammers"!   These three are borderline if not knee deep:  Stephanie Cutter, Debra Goldman, and John Austin, Goldman's lawyer.

That being said, candidate for State Auditor and Wake Co. School Board member, Debra Goldman, and her lawyer can't stay out of the limelight.  Goldman seems to have a little problem with...credibility.  No matter where I look, she isn't painted as someone we could trust.  She's rumored to have an affair with her...primary Opponent?  Get real.  And then there are questions surrounding a break-in and $100,000 worth of jewelry.  Was it a legitimate break-in?  Then she calls the cops to file a complaint about an acquaintance immediately after Tony Tata was fired.  What else does Ms. Goldman have hiding in her closet?   At this point who cares!

It's been reported the NC GOP knew about her background troubles.  Excuse me?  And they still recruited that woman?  Ok add them to the "Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest"  list.

The N&O reported the story on the call to police at a Wake BOE meeting. Debra your coattails, girl.

Seems Ms. Goldman can also be swayed pretty easily.  I thought I recognized her as the board member who backed away from the once Republican lead Wake BOE student reassignment plan.  WRAL confirms:

"The 2010 police notes also detailed an alleged romantic relationship in 2009 and 2010 between Debra Goldman and Malone, raising questions about her past actions on the school board – specifically whether she voted in October 2010 against a version of the Republican-backed student assignment plan because of Malone.

Ron Margiotta, who was school board chairman from 2009 until last year, said Thursday that it was possible that a relationship and theft accusations swayed her vote.

"Now that I've learned that the date Malone was disqualified as a candidate for the burglary of her house, it certainly coincides with the time that she came in with the directive to stop us," he said."

So which one is the dumbest:  Cutter, Goldman or Goldman's lawyer? Stephanie Cutter made the comment on Foxnews that Libya wouldn't be an issue if Romney and Ryan didn't talk about it.  Stephanie - people are dead!  If they won't talking about it, I would like to know why!

Now Ms. Goldman's lawyer goes "nutty" too:  John Austin said Friday evening. "The only reason this is front page news is because she is running for statewide office."

Really?  That's the real reason we ought to know!  It's not like she's going to work as a "hidden shopper".  She wants the office of State Auditor.   Front and center on their website it says:

The critical mission of the Office of the State Auditor is to provide citizens and North Carolina’s state leadership with independent, unbiased and professional assessments of whether public resources are being properly accounted for. In difficult economic times, that critical mission can provide insight into ways to operate government more efficiently. This office will always strive for the highest standards in professional conduct, independence and integrity as we pursue our mission. 

If, and I say if, Ms. Goldman didn't tell the truth about the the burglary, or allowed her vote as a member of the dysfunctional Wake Board of Education to be swayed due to "love",  how can she be trusted to keep the rest of government in check?  Her credibility comes into play just because of all this crap.   How can someone be surrounded with such issues and it not affect their performance on the job?

I understand Ms. Goldman denies all of this.  She has that right.  But when she went against Tedesco and Margiotta, it was obvious to me something wasn't right.  I guess she could try the excuse that John Kerry did:  Voted for it before voting against it.

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