Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Email to Sanford Herald..Stop Suppressing us!

This is pertaining to the decision of the Sanford Herald to shut down letters to the editor after October 18.

Note that Bill Horner is the boss.  The buck stops with him.  It's not fair to just pin this on Mr. RV.   Sort of like it's not that fair to pin Libya murderers on just Hillary.  Obama shares the blame as well. 

The Herald's decision is ludicrous!  This is NOT standard operating procedure in other small towns.  It is a suppression of our free speech.  And if you don't want this to happen, call them at 919-708-9000 and tell them to stop suppressing our free speech!

Better yet, maybe we should just hit them where it the pocketbook...You know what to do.

I sense there's something else not only sounds like suppression of free speech but suppression to "turn an election and not report the news".   As stated in my letter, I bet them good old boys are up to something.  However, I hope they are not so stupid as to go after me. 

Here's the email:

Subject: Re: Sudden Deadline on LTEs
From: Sheila Barber (
Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 11:08 AM

Mr. RV,

I have asked a group of bloggers around the country if this is occurring in their small towns, etc.  And the unanimous answer is NO.  Some are in print media and TV anchors...not just "new media". They are credible.

I hope the Herald is not setting a trend here of suppressing "free speech". But by refusing to let us write rebuttals on what we find in the paper from now to the election, you are taking away the beauty of print media and turning it into an avenue of "deciding elections instead of reporting the news". 

The opposition of any candidate now will be allowed to throw out whatever they want because they will have the money to buy the ads. And unless "We the people" buy ads to refute, they will go unanswered.  I say this  because of the answer you gave me in your reply below:

"In addition, any politicians or other individuals wishing to support their candidates  may still do so by contacting our advertising director Gina Eaves at 919.718.1259."

I'm not arguing just for the GOP. It's your paper. I'm arguing on the timing of the implementation of it, and the unfairness this decision will be to both sides of the fence.  Especially to the citizens.

I expect LEED Pac has bought many ads.  They won't stay quiet.  They literally tried to destroy Commissioner Womack in the primary. And without the ability to write letters to defend him and condemn them during early voting, I am afraid they would have gotten away with it. Will you take the responsibility for whatever you print? I sure would like to know because I have a sneaky feeling Ron Hewett's ad about the 3 candidates and a "blogger" is just a preview.  I know who his contributors are. 

Don't forget we have something like 12% unemployment in our county. Over 6000 people don't have jobs.  Please don't keep readers from being involved and engaged. Money is tight. 

Sheila Barber

"I'll quit coffee. It won't be easy drinking my Bailey's straight, but I'll get used to it. It'll still be the best part of waking up."
Megan Mullally

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