Friday, October 12, 2012

Endorsements from Friends..

Endorsements. They can be good.  And they can be bad.

Hmmm...I wonder why Obama doesn't let Jeremiah Wright endorse him?  Or Bill Ayers?  Wait, Chavez endorsed Obama.  He even said he would vote for him! And Obama congratulated Chavez on winning the "forced" reelection.   Maybe that's all he needs.

We all know friends endorsing us are good things. In Thursday morning's Sanford Herald, there was an old friend endorsing Bill Tatum,  Guy Jones, Arkansas.   Arkansas?  You mean you don't have enough here Bill? 

Anyway, the LTE  talks about integrity and honesty Bill Tatum represents.  How about accountability?  Isn't that a character trait too?  Oh only for Republicans...I forgot.

 But here's the last paragraph of the LTE.  Feel free to buy a subscription or get a copy of the paper around town for the full letter.

"...I can't conceive of another person who could better exemplify citizenship, morality, honesty and integrity. I offer this personal testimonial for the benefit of Bill with my highest hopes that it is of some benefit in his quest to represent his district in the legislature of the great state of North Carolina."

Guy Jones

Conway, Ark.

I researched this Guy from Arkansas.  I didn't get the results Mr. Tatum probably wish I would have.  

Lawyer Pleads Guilty Of Fraud

Seattle Times Staff: Seattle Times News Services
SEATTLE - Disbarred Arkansas attorney Guy Jones Jr. pleaded guilty yesterday to federal charges of money laundering and bankruptcy fraud, prosecutors here and in Little Rock announced.

Jones, 50, of Conway, Ark., will be sentenced June 21 by U.S. District Judge Thomas Zilly.

Jones admitted traveling to Seattle from his hometown last June, picking up $20,000 in drug proceeds from an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration officer and arranging for the money to be delivered to a drug trafficker in Mexico, said a joint news release issued by U.S. Attorney Kate Pflaumer in Seattle and U.S. Attorney Paula Casey in Little Rock.
 Read more:

So I want clarity.   We all want to know who is endorsing a candidate. Well, the right does.  The left seem to think its not an issue.  They don't care a World Trade bomber is O's friend.  Or that Obama sat under the Rev Jeremiah Wright but nothing rubbed off on him.  RIGHT!  Not even the Rev's disdain for America.  (He says "God d_____ America").  No that's just ok with them.  And neither YOU nor ME better say a word or ask any questions.  

Yeah Right...But as a voter, I want to know who the guy that wants my vote hangs around with.  And I have a right to know who they USE to hang around with too.  Mr. might not like this vetting but I believe you're part of a Pac that tried to destroy Commissioner Womack.  So don't cry wolf.  No one is listening.

Nevertheless, we wonder if the same individual we found is the same one that wrote the letter.  Again, we have a right to know who they are having cocktails with, who is visiting their office, and history helps us determine if they will be fit for office.    I'm sure most of you have heard the phrase..."you grease my palm and I'll grease yours."  

So, we are going to ask...Bill is this  the same guy? Please tell us.  Because this isn't the type of friend I would like to endorse me.  Nor do I want the guy who wants my vote to call this person a friend!  Mr.'s your chance.  

Regardless,  I am willing to give Bill  the benefit of the doubt.  Please let him know he can come and comment...not blog...just comment.

Now don't any of you dare say I am trying to say Bill is just like that guy...IF THEY ARE FRIENDS.  I'm not.   I just remember Mama telling me to make sure I realized that I would be known by the friends I have.  And Mr. Tatum already has some doozies.   Like a friend that got a nice $34,000 raise when teachers under his authority were laid off.  Don't forget...Bill was on the LCSS until July of this year.  And that friend of his is job hunting...guess Bill didn't get him a big enough raise. 

I know I like to wonder...but I wonder if there was a slight chance, like .00000006% Mike Stone would have had a friend like this,  just how high would the Dems jump to tie them together and say that meant Mike was just like him?  The Dems would not offer Mr. Stone the chance I am giving Mr. Tatum.  I think I am being more than fair. 

Just be honest.  Give us clarity.
 I just blog.  You decide...Friend or Foe?

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