Sunday, October 14, 2012

Free Advertising: Thank you, Ron Hewett!

I simply smile.  You know you're really making a difference when those seeking office publicly go after a citizen.  You know...those of us "just a bloggers".  Those of us who want accountability, not empty promises. 

In this morning's Sanford Herald I found an interesting ad by Mr. Ron Hewett, a candidate claiming he's Independent and is running for Board of Commissioners.   The ad doesn't tell me anything about what he's going to do.  But it does tell me quite a bit about his character.

EDITOR:  This ad is on page A8 of the Sunday Herald, 14 October 2012.  Please contact the Sanford Herald at 919-708-9000 to see full ad.  Thanks.

Can you trust someone who basically is trying to shut up the voice of a citizen before he's even elected?  What exactly will he do IF HE IS ELECTED? Don't we get enough of trampling on our free speech from the Obama Administration?

The ad states this : "State champion blogger".  Now what other blogger has publicly cheered more for the Lee County GOP BOC candidates except me?  Who has blogged and published the Covenant more than anyone in this county?  No one.  So Mr. Hewett has to be talking about this blogger.  And yes...I got this little award..TRIP TO VEGAS by some very special friends, AFP.

The last thing Lee County needs is someone who thinks the citizen's voice is a blight to society!  We are tired of being treated like 2nd class citizens.  Mr. Hewett just did this.

But word of mouth is the most form of flattery you can get.  Thank you Mr. Hewett.  You single handedly have helped Fresh Brewed Conservatism mark its 2nd best Sunday hit count in its history!  And I didn't have to  spend a dime.

FYI - Follow this link to the one document that has upset the left (I now include Mr. Hewett wholeheartedly with the left) ...but irritates the mess out of them: 
 The Covenant (link)

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