Saturday, October 27, 2012

If this is happening there...

What's happening here?  Yes, in Lee County?  I don't think for a moment there isn't voter fraud happening right here in my county.  People who are desperate for power and can't win on the true issues because they FAIL, have no choice but to cheat.

Let's see what happens in the next couple of weeks.  When you  honest people go to the polls, report any out of town license tags on cars in the parking lot.  Report if you see a government vehicle transporting people to the polls...Ok COLTS is probably ok.

How disgusting can Democrats get? 

Democrats Illegally Transport Voters in North Carolina


On Monday of this week, Democrats in North Carolina clearly violated North Carolina state law in their efforts to turn out the vote for Barack Obama. 

At roughly 10 a.m., two vans of students who worked at the North Carolina Jobs Corps location in Oconoluftee were transported from that location to the Swain County Board of Education one-stop voting location in order to cast their votes. The vans used to carry the passengers were Job Corps vans driven by Danny Muse, the son of O’neal Muse, a Democrat Swain County Board of education election official.

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