Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Not That Funny, Joe!

Where did Joe get the idea to act so incredibly rude?  From what I hear though, that's the real Joe. And the gaffes go right along with him. has a video that compiles his smirks and smiles:

Joe might have thought something was funny..but many women saw his actions a bit differently.  I said on Facebook the other evening that if Ms. Fannie had been in the audience, I expect she might have walked on stage and slapped that smirk off his face. 

How do I know?  She use to do that to me if I rolled my eyes, huffed and puffed, and disrespected others.  Nope.  My behind wouldn't make it to the bedroom without being blistered.  Ouch. I still feel the sting of that switch that she made ME go get!  That's probably why it hurt so bad.

Ms. Korn agrees.  Joe would not like to have found out what Ms. Fannie would have done.  Nor probably what millions of mamas sitting in their living rooms were thinking.  They didn't tune in for the "Joe Biden Temper Tantrum Show".  They tuned in to hear serious discussions about serious issues. 

Here's an excerpt.  Read the entire article at the link below:

Here Are the ‘53 Smiles’ of Joe Biden During VP DebateJennifer S. Korn: What’s So Darn Funny, Mr. Vice President?

".....Mr. Vice-President, do you know what mothers do to their offspring when they laugh, roll their eyes and constantly interrupt? I don’t think you’d like to find out!

I was taught early on that showing respect is important – regardless of who you are or what position you hold. You treat people just as you would want to be treated yourself.

Given this was the first and only Vice Presidential debate, I’m sure most would agree this is the perfect venue in which to exercise those skills and some self-restraint.

It doesn’t help Vice President Biden’s case to remind women of those few and unfortunate men who throughout our careers have spoken down to us and snickered condescendingly, at times calling us “dear” or “honey,” and dismissively patting us on the back in such a way as to suggest we could never be their equals......

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