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Lee Co Superintendent's Been Job Hunting!

Stop the presses!  News alert...the Super's been job hunting.

Let's all be in shock.  To alot of people in Lee County, Superintendent Jeff Moss is the best thing since slice bread.  Oh please forgive me...The Man Messiah (Obama) has that title.  Moss is the second thing ...sorry to disappoint the LEED Brat Pac and others!

But don't be shocked.  Actually let's be thankful the Super is looking.  It's no secret it wouldn't bother me to see him go.

But to find out the Super is job hunting?  Mr. Moss must not like Lee County anymore.  Is it because his  BFF (texting lingo for 'best friends forever'), Bill Tatum, isn't on the school board to cover for him?  Shawn's gone too? It can't be.  He still has faithful followers on the board that will give him what he wants.  And I seriously doubt Bill Tatum is completely out of the picture.  Must be something else!

But according to the Tampa Bay Times, our Super applied for a job earlier this year -  2012. Yep at the link below he is listed with several candidates for the Superintendent job for Pinellas County....

JULY 02, 2012

Deadline: Last day to apply for Pinellas County superintendent

Huh?  Word on the street was that Lynn Smith, now LC School Board chairman, was trying to work Moss a raise before the new board members were sworn in. Which would be illegal to do according to NC General Statute.  Did Moss get discouraged when that tactic failed?

Let's recap the advantage Moss has as Super in Lee County:  Wake County Superintendent oversees 146,000 students and is paid (well when they have one) about $250,000.  Jeff Moss oversees about 10,000 and is paid around $200,000 or more.  Moss has a gravy train.  Is  he out of his mind?  Why in the world would you want to pursue other opportunities with those benefits?  Not only that, if he chooses to leave the county, he can do it instantly.  But if we choose to ship him out, we pay dearly.  We the taxpayers, that is.  Thank you Bill Tatum and cohorts.  

Hmmm did Moss go applying when his favorites failed to keep their  power on the Board of Education?  Does he see a possible GOP advantage on the Lee Co Board of Commissioners, a real one without the RINO?  Does he foresee scrutiny like no other time in his tenure with LCSS when he submits future budgets to the County?  Inquiring minds want to know!

About stopping the press...Oh wait they have.  LEED Brat Pac paid good money for those cushy ads that gave all the credit to Lee County Superintendent Jeff Moss when the ABC results came out.  But they've been eerily silent since the dismal report on Lee County SAT Scores were revealed.  The Super is responsible for the good and the BAD, folks.  He can't pick and choose.   Will Doran's excellent article in the Sanford Herald can be read at the link below....Note the quote below from Moss...

Local SAT scores drop, participation fails to increase
“Only those that believe they’re going to have the opportunity to financially afford and attend a four-year institution take the SAT,” he said.
Read more: Sanford Herald - Local SAT scores drop participation fails to increase

Are our guidance counselors advising economically disadvantaged students (politically correct term for poor) to not take the SAT?  Just asking..... 

Back to the serious stuff.  Moss looking?  Yep.  Holy Baloney...Moss and this blogger have something in common according to his resume.  We both received degrees from NC A&T University.  Who would have 'thunk' that?  Maybe I'll meet up with him at an Alumni event one day.  NOT!  Yes, resumes are beautiful things to read.  Here's an interesting "accomplishment" listed on his resume, don't you think?  

"Strategically designed the passage of a ¼ cent sales tax referendum earmarked for school construction.

I am not making this up. FYI - Pinellas County has published Mr. Moss' resume online. If you want it, you can google it with no problem.  Thanks. [Updated]
But that 1/4 cent sales tax forcibly retired a few elected officials.  That sales tax also split this community because we were forced to choose from a sales tax increase or property tax increase.  So I have to that something to really be proud of...milking the taxpayers and dividing the community?  

I noticed Mr. Moss left off a few other "accomplishments" on his resume.   One being the over construction of schools in Beaufort County to the tune of $24.5 million.  Empty buildings mildew and rot.  They can't fill them.  Are there plans to do the same in Lee County?

And another: Making Lee Co Schools be on national news several times - negatively.  

You'll note, and hopefully remember, Super was quite supportive of having 3rd graders write notes to NC legislators begging for more educational funding.  The only class that participated happened to be one that included a little girl belonging to NC House Republican  Rep. Stone, a Lee County native.  Wow. Writing daddy asking for more money for education or the EOG tests wouldn't survive... Unbelievable to burden a 3rd grader like that.  Click here for video and story.

I bet Moss thought that was so last year...However, it is still raising its ugly head.   The Tampa Bay Times brought it up in their synopsis of the Super.  Here is the excerpt from the "DEADLINE:..." article above:

Jeffrey Moss: has been superintendent of Lee County Schools in North Carolina since January 2009. He also served as superintendent of Beaufort County Schools and Stanly County Schools, both in North Carolina. According to a TV report, Moss drew criticism last year for having students write letters to lawmakers to protest education budget cuts. See that story here.
Follow the link.  Here's why:  Remember the email that Moss wrote back to a concerned parent who was outraged about using the kid?  The email that allegedly, ok allegedly, and I will repeat allegedly..may have caused the him to be fired? That's what you will see.  Sysco, a supplier for school cafeterias,  took the Super's word seriously when he stated:

Thank you for providing me additional insight into the beliefs of Sysco and your attitude toward our teachers in our public schools. I will be delighted to share this with the other superintendents across this state and nation so as we select companies and vendors to work with our schools we have a greater awareness of their belief structure on our primary challenge of teaching tomorrow leaders. It is easy to cast doubt when you do not know the story.
Jeffrey C. Moss, Ed.D.
Lee County Schools
FACT:  Mark Otto was fired within days of this email.  UNKNOWN:  Exact reason why.

I wonder if  Moss',  and how do I want to put this..hmmm...I got it...EXCEPTIONAL FRIENDLY reply to Mr. Otto, could have killed his chances at Pinellas County?  Especially since the press clearly wanted to make a point by bringing it out and linking to the email!  That would be bad news and proof you shouldn't burn bridges in any profession.

But here's some "Good" news:  Wake County still needs a Super and UHaul has several locations in Raleigh for drop-off.

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Dale Marks said...

Maybe some of those lap puppies who worship him will tag along when he goes. Heck maybe some LEED pac folks too......I know far fetched, but a man can dream.

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