Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's Not Forget that Video...

UPDATED 10/28: Clarity:   Mr. Moss said 'FU' twice.  Once coming down the aisle he said it to Brian McCrae.  The second time is in the video. 
This story isn't going away.   The Superintendent really had a "Joe Biden Moment".  He's quoted in the paper denying he ever said a word.  We know better.  You can hear the explicative.  You can see the anger.  The color of his face matches his hair.

And now he's jumping out with another program that is suppose to be the latest and greatest on earth.  As long as he has our tax dollars and no accountability is enforced, they will be creating and creating programs.  Who cares if they are any good?  Who cares what they costs?

Ugh. I'm sure he meant in his "State of Lee County Schools" address last night to say this program would cut down the remedial class issues CCCC has to schedule for our Lee County graduates.  Not all graduates.  Don't be a quoting me wrong, now.

I also believe in last week's forum Dr. Moss said or maybe it was Ms. Smith, that commented the remediation numbers mentioned by Commissioner Womack were wrong.  I caught part of it.  Do note I was sitting right behind someone who received Dr. Moss' wrath after Commissioner Womack got a lashing from the lovely Super.

Hello...from CCCC:

HS Last Attended Name % of Students - Dev English % of Students - Dev Reading % of Students  - Dev Math % of Students - w/one or more Dev courses

2011 HS Graduates

Lee County High 33% 26% 32% 49%

Southern Lee High 13% 29% 13% 44%

Total All NC High Schools Statewide 48% 32% 64% 65%

Source: NCCCS Data Warehouse CC0120-II, Curriculum Student II Univse, CCCC Institutional Effectiveness Office

What you got to say about that, Dr. Moss?  

But here again we present the real Super.  It's amazing what happens outside the office. 

Just note: At approximately 3:35 Dr. Moss leaned over and for a second time stated that phrase (____  You) and what also appears to be "I'll show you professional." Watch out.  This man is "for the children".

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