Thursday, October 4, 2012

Me Thinks..Romney Won!

so does Carville, Bill Maher,  Bill Kristol...

Romney was poised.  Romney was ready.  Romney was Reaganesqe!  And that's exactly what we needed and wanted to hear!

BTW - If any of you missed Hannity after the debate, Frank Luntz had a focus group of Colorado undecideds.  Well majority are not undecided anymore ...they want Romney and overwhelmingly.  That's good news.

But don't get complacent.  We have to keep the boots on the ground.

Next week's VP debate should be a hoot!  Ryan will eat Biden for lunch!

Can't the President look his opponent in the eye?

Romney To Obama: You Were Fighting For Obamacare, Not Jobs

Given the opportunity to explain why he would repeal Obamacare, Gov. Mitt Romney explained in detail all of the reasons why he would. He also charged Barack Obama for defending his health care plan during his presidency instead of fighting for jobs.  

 See the video at Breitbart.  It automatically starts if I leave it in the blog.  So follow the link:


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Dale Marks said...

Somebody get PBO a kleenex. Romney spanked that butt!

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