Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Obama Team's Classy Email...NOT!

How low can you go?  They wanted us to exchange traditional wedding presents for a donation to President Obama's campaign.  Then they asked us to stop eating out one night a week and donate to the campaign.  Then came..the yard sale..oh yes, as if things weren't disgusting enough...have a "yard sale for obama" Saturday!  You don't need that extra cash!!

Now, go ahead and shake your head...

 The Obama Campaign sent out this earlier...of course, it's now been deleted. Just tell low can you go!  I guess, forgive me for the bruntness,  we Women need to vote with our Vaginas and not our heads!

Don't forget this is the current sitting President of the United States approving this stuff!

Obama Campaign: 'Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend on It'

 **UPDATE: Without so much as a notification, the Obama campaign has removed the "lady parts."

The screen cap below can currently be found on the "Obama 2012 campaign's official home on Tumblr," where you have to submit whatever you would like to post on the official page prior to approval.
In other words, the Obama campaign approved this:

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