Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Surprise? Obama Cuts Deal With Iran Over Nukes?

Dick Morris was talking about this earlier today.  He believes it is the October Surprise yet to come. - Nancy


Sanctions to vanish in exchange for 'temporary' halt in enrichment work

Iranian and U.S. negotiators have reached an agreement that calls for Iran to halt part of its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of many of the U.S. sanctions against the Islamic regime, according to a highly placed source.
Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, expects a letter from President Obama in a few days guaranteeing the details of the agreement, arrived at recently during secret negotiations in Doha, Qatar.
The source, who remains anonymous for security reasons and is highly placed in Iran’s regime, said that once Khamenei receives Obama’s guarantees, he will authorize an announcement by Iran on a solution to the nuclear crisis before the U.S. presidential elections.
The agreement calls for Iran to announce a temporary halt to partial uranium enrichment after which the U.S. will remove many of its sanctions, including those on the Iranian central bank, no later than by the Iranian New Year in March. Iran is in the throes of massive inflation and citizen unrest because of the sanctions.
French intelligence verified today that Yukiya Amano, the current director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has been given the go-ahead by the U.S. to be ready to travel to Iran and announce the agreement, according to Hamid Reza Zakeri, a former intelligence officer in the regime who has defected to Europe.
The source in Tehran said Khamenei has made it clear that unless he receives Obama’s written guarantees, he will not begin the process, which would dramatically boost Obama’s re-election chances. If the guarantees are not given, Khamenei has warned, Iran will speed up its nuclear program.
The guarantees would ensure the regime’s right to peaceful enrichment, quickly remove many of the sanctions, accept that Iran’s nuclear program does not have a military dimension and relieve international pressure on the regime while it continues its nuclear program. Also, the U.S. would announce that the killing of Iranian nuclear scientists was the work of a foreign country, though Israel would not be named, to increase legal pressure on Israel.
According to the Iranian source, a previous Obama letter to Khamenei indicated that it’s best for the regime not to give any motive to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, a message that was re-emphasized in the Qatar negotiations.
As reported exclusively by WND Oct. 4, a three-person delegation led by a woman on behalf of the Obama administration traveled to Qatar about Oct. 1 and met with Iranian counterparts, including Ali Akbar Velayati, the former foreign minister of the Islamic regime and a close adviser to Khamenei on international matters.
In the meeting, according to the source, the U.S. delegation urged an announcement, even if only on a temporary nuclear deal, before the U.S. elections to help Obama get re-elected. A Romney presidency, the delegation said, would surely move more toward Israel, and the Iranians were reminded that Obama has stood up to Israel against any plans to attack Iran. The regime’s delegate was urged to understand that if Iran does not stand by Obama, Israel will attack Iran.
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Sheila Barber said...

Nancy This can't be true. One of our leftist friends who accused me of "siding with the enemy" ( has said Iran has no nuclear capability! So what is it?

You know I'm joking. Iran has full nuclear capability and anyone who thinks they are not a threat is like the blind being led to the slaughter.

I guess those that believe Adminajed is a big boy who Santa forgot to visit might also believe "a video" caused the murder of an Ambassador!

Jay Calendine said...

Wow. Quote me correctly, Sheila. I've read the IAEA reports. Have you? I have said that Iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon. Iran doesn't,. I have said it is pursuing one, hence, enrichment. You said Iran has a weapon. I say they are maybe 6 months away, if they make the decision. Yes, of course Iran is a threat. No, of course there isn't an easy answer, although I'll bet you have one, Sheila.

"Iran has full nuclear capability." Really? How do you know that? Please quote a source. If Iran has full nuclear capability, then why hasn't Israel bombed them back into the stone age? If Iran has full nuclear capability, then why this report about nuclear enrichment? "Full nuclear capability" is a working device. It's something you could put on a warhead or in a suitcase. For you to make that assertion is to assert something beyond what is known - in other words, if that's what you're saying, then you just made it up.

As one might expect, this is a more complicated issue than a sound bite can explain. There is a very good article about Iran's capabilities here:

Sheila Barber said...

EDUCATE US JAY! I have said they have nuclear capability.

Jay Calendine said...

You said in an earlier post that Iran has "weapons" which I "deny" exist. This post referred to Iran's nuclear program as "nukes," further confusing the issue. So let me educate you. To the best of the public knowledge, Iran has no nuclear weapons. Iran does have a nuclear program. There are IAEA inspectors in Iran right now. Educate us, Sheila. What did you mean when you said, "Iran has full nuclear capability"?

Jay Calendine said...

And, this story is turning out to not even be true. Way to "fire, ready, aim!", there, fresh-brewed.

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