Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The New Ad and Amy's 2009 Voting Record

I've dodged the bullet for several days.  No ads about a "state champion blogger".  But wait...the election isn't over.  So I'll wait and wait and wait for another attack to come.  By the way, thanks Ron Hewett for the publicity. 

Here's an ad that is quite interesting.  

Oh I must note...did you know Bill Tatum was "Independent"?  Me neither.  His supporters need to look at that blue ballot the Dems are distributing to see it says "Democrat".

Anyway...the ad in this morning's edition of the Sanford Herald:

So when did Broadway and Sanford residents not belong in the County?  News to me.  This ad is absolutely ridiculous.  We all get a tax cut if the sales tax is redistributed properly.  But it's even more absurd because one of these candidates was a County Commissioner when the citizens were essentially blackmailed in 2009 by having to vote for a "property tax increase" or "sales tax increase".  We were left with no choice.  Thanks Amy.   Talk about distorting the facts.  Poor Sanford and Broadway residents.  Them poor poor individuals.  I am one of them, for goodness sake!  And these two guys and a gal are saying YOUR taxes  shouldn't be cut.  

Where are the taxes being raised all mighty Democrat candidates (Ron's oval is filled in on their copycat ballot)?  Show us the proof.  You can't because this ad is misleading.  Ha ha  ...paid for by the "committees".  Right.  Paid for by LEED BRAT PAC supporters!  Do your research folks.  While you're voting down at the Board of Elections, ask Nancy for that rack of campaign finance reports.  Interesting stuff.  Matter of fact, I think I'll make a visit today.

But what else should we expect from tax and spenders?  It's never THEIR money they spend.  It's ours.  Oh about that voting record, you will find this in the 2009 Archives on the Lee County Government Commissioner's page, 17 August 2009:

"The Board considered a Resolution stating the intended uses if the ¼-cent sales tax passes during the November referendum. After discussion, Commissioner Oldham moved to approve a Resolution by the Lee County Board of Commissioners Stating the Intended Uses of the ¼-Cent Sales Tax Revenue if the Advisory Referendum for the Levy of a Local Sales Tax Passes by Majority Vote, a copy of which is attached to these minutes and by this reference made a part hereof. Upon a vote, the results were as follows: 

Aye: Dalrymple, Hayes, Kelly, Oldham, and Paschal
Nay: Reives and Shook

The Chairman ruled the motion had been adopted by a five to two vote."

Here's the best part of the ad:  They, the GOP candidates, will pit city and town against the county and tear our community apart.

LEED BRAT PAC...nice try.  You and President Obama have successfully done that.

See my hubby told you in today's LTE,  I wouldn't shut up!  You should listen once in a while.

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