Friday, October 19, 2012

The Super's "Joe Biden" Moment

Honestly, I do hope Superintendent slept well and that his blood pressure has lowered!  

Wow..sparks flew last night at the C.E.A.D. forum.   Not just at the candidates.

I bet Mr. Sergeant at Arms, Robert Reives, had he been sitting where I was (back of the room at the old courthouse) and heard what the Super said when he was walking back to his seat after excoriating a candidate and putting his finger in Commissioner Womack's face and then mouthing off at someone sitting in front of me, he might just  have thrown him out.  

Many were shocked, like me and others sitting around me, to know our Super would say what he did.  Honest truth.  I would not kid on this one.  I am not making this up.  If I had not been sitting on a bench I would have fell out of my chair.   

But he told the guy in front of me to "___ You".  You figure out what that means.

In front of a 14 year old right beside me.  And in front of about 8-10 others.

I get in a tizzy when I hear that phrase.  It's disgusting and not appropriate in any situation.  Mr. Moss' face matched his hair.   I didn't know that could happen.  Dang, of all nights to have my camera crap out. But someone else did. Oh James O'Keefe would be proud.

Here's the video.  At approximately 3:35 Dr. Moss leaned over and for a second time stated that phrase (____  You) and what also appears to be "I'll show you professional."  Yes Dr. Moss.  You did. And once again in front of a kid (she's in the frame where the camera is turning around)  that you are suppose to represent and protect from such behavior.  Apparently, "it's for the children" works only when you want our money.

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